This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Ottersplash
This page contains the allegiances for the Drifting Feathers series.
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Leader: Bouncestar- black tom with golden eyes; jumps high

Deputy: Swiftfoot- black and white she-cat with blue eyes - FanClaned by Swiftfire101

Medicine Cat: Whiskerface- golden tabby she-cat with green eyes - FanClaned by Brownstorm




Brushthorn- brown tom with golden eyes

Flamepelt- ginger tom with crystal-blue eyes - FanClaned by Swiftfire101

Kestrelfoot- white she-cat with amber eyes an black tip-tail

Thrushwing- ginger tabby she-cat with white paws and amber eyes

Heartsong- pinkish she-cat with stunning blue eyes

Ripfeather- respected black tom with glistining blue eyes

Hollysong- swift, agile, white tom with green eyes

Dazzlefoot- cream colored tom with brown paws, ears, tail-tip, and face and blue eyes


Cinderface- gray tabby tom with green eyes

Adderclaw- gray she-cat with yellow eyes - FanClaned Swiftfire101



Crankypaw- stubborn pale tabby tom with dark black stripes and golden eyes

Flurrypaw- tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes


Specklefoot- pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Mate of Bouncestar


Webkit- dark gray tom with pale blue eyes. Son of Specklefoot and Bouncestar - FanClaned by Ottersplash

Shortkit- small, dark brown tabby tom with gleaming icy blue eyes. Son of Specklefoot and Bouncestar


Runningfoot- small gray and white tom

Cats in StarClanEdit

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