Darkening Clouds

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The three founding leaders of BlizzardClan, HurricaneClan, and TornadoClan tells about their lives in their newly-made Clans. However, danger lurks near and can set off something that will send them into great disaster.

Prologue Edit

The Dark Forest brightly shine as a dark black tom followed by a gray tabby passes by. The dark tom stops and turns to the gray tabby.

"The Clans will pay for what they did to me," he snarled, slicing the slimy grass with his claws.

The gray tabby nodded. "I will make them by taking your place in the real world, Blackstorm,"

Blackstorm bared his teeth. "I already sent them a surprise,"

The gray tabby looked up with his amber eyes. "What?"

"I already created a storm to destroy them, Stormblade," Blackstorm growled.

Stormblade curled his lip. "Will it be deadly?"

"Oh, the Clans won't know what hit them!"

Chapter One ~ Blizzardstar Edit

"Stormblade, tell Nettlefeather to be careful when he leads the patrol," Blizzardstar said, her fluffy tail twitching. Her deputy ran out of camp.

It had been a few moon since StarClan chose Blizzardstar to lead her own clan.

Blizzardstar looked at the darkening sky. I wonder how strong this storm will be. She thought. She looked at the snow covered camp.

"It always snow here," she muttered half to herself. "It's a wonder that the prey still runs," she stifled a purr.

"True, Blizzardstar, it is a wonder that the prey still runs," Blizzardstar turns around to see her brother and medicine cat, Brackenshade. "Blizzardstar, I know very well that you're expecting kits," Blizzardstar winced. "but you're Clan leader. What are you going to do?" Brackenshade continued.

Blizzardstar turned her attention to the darkening clouds above and her working clan below.

"I don't know," she replied. "but BlizzardClan needs more queens since Pebblenose moved out of the nursery after her three were apprenticed." She nods to Brackenshade before leaping off the rock near her den. The waterfall she went though whispered beside her.

Was that a warning about something bad about to happen? She thought as she ran to Fireblaze and Jasmineleaf, who were arguing.

"Fireblaze, you know better than to train Lightningpaw that hard," Jasmineleaf snapped, Lightningpaw at her side.

"I'm telling you that I didn't hurt her," Fireblaze meowed, trying not to lose his temper.

"Great StarClan, what is going on?" Blizzardstar asked.

"She/he started it!" Fireblaze and Jasmineleaf growled at her.

Blizzardstar rolled her eyes. She turned to Lightningpaw. "What is going on?" She asked her.

Lightningpaw shifted her paws. "When me and Fireblaze came back from training, Jasmineleaf saw me with deep wounds and she thought Fireblaze hurt me," She mewed.

"Because he did," Jasmineleaf snarled. Blizzardstar raised her tail for silence.

"Go on," Blizzardstar said, shooting an ice-blue glare at the two cats.

"Then they began arguing," She paused for a moment. "Fireblaze didn't hurt me. I fell into a bramble and he pulled me out," she continued.

"That's what I been trying to tell her," Fireblaze growled, flicking his tail.

"Okay, I want this problem solved," Blizzardstar said, licking a white paw. "Just apologize to each other and Lightningpaw go to Brackenshade or Cloudpetal to treat your wounds." Both cats muttered apologizes to each other and stalked away while Lightingpaw ran to the medicine cat den.

Great StarClan, what is going on? Blizzardstar thought. Those two got along so well and now what?

"Perhaps the darkness is changing my cats, this is not good." Blizzardstar muttered to herself before climbing back to the cliff. She looked out into the snowy landscape as the wind tugged at her thick fur.

Chapter Two ~ Hurricanestar Edit

The ferns shook as HurricaneClan leader, Hurricanestar walked out of his den. He crossed over the clearing and entered the Medicine Cat den. He walked in where Spiderwillow, the Clan's medicine cat who was treating Falconcatcher's paw.

"Great StarClan, Falconcatcher," Spiderwillow muttered. "How many times do I have to tell you to be careful when catching falcons?"

The silver she-cat rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't be able to live up to my name then,"

"True, but you almost always twists your paw," Both she-cats jumped as they heard Hurricanestar's mew.

Spiderwillow turned her brown and ginger head to him. "Oh, Hurricanestar, it was you," She said in relief.

Hurricanestar let out a snort. "Naturally,"

He turned to Falconcatcher. "I need to talk to Spiderwillow," he meowed. The she-cat nodded before she limped out of the den.

"Mouse-brained idiot," he said, shaking his head. Spiderwillow turned to him, her gaze warm and loving.

"So, what did you want to speak about?" She purred, pressing herself into his fur. Hurricanestar pushed her away gently. "Not now," He murmured.

Hurricanestar straightened himself up. "It's about the storm. Blizzardstar and Tornadostar said it could be bad. So did you get anything from StarClan?"

Spiderwillow sadly shook her head. "Nothing, but I'll go to Moonfalls to ask them,"

"OK, but I can't send you alone though SandstormClan territory after the battle," Hurricanestar meowed. "I can't risk losing you or anybody else,"

Spiderwillow looked at the rising moon in the gap of her den. "I have to go," she said "Brackenshade and the others are going to be there since its a half-moon tonight,"

"O.K," Hurricanestar said, pressing himself to her warm pelt, "Promise me you'll be careful,"

She pressed her muzzle in his dark brown fur, "I promise."

Hurricanestar squeezed out of the den to see Darknight organizing patrols with the other HurricaneClan cats. HurricaneClan was known for tracking Hurricanes and can control them. Darknight was giving out the last of the patrols for the night.

"Swampheart, you, Juniperfrost, and Rumblepelt, can give battle training to all the apprentices," he said to the dark gray warrior before he led his patrol to the training grounds.

"Greetings, Darknight," The gray warrior jumped and turned around to face his leader. The other warriors let out purrs of amusement.

"Oh, Hurricanestar, its only you," Darknight said, sighing. Hurricanestar flicked his tail so the other warriors can leave.

Hurricanestar let out a snort. "You're the third cat I made jump today," he said, before purring.

Hurricanestar looked around the clearing. "Where's Ghostpaw? I promised her to give her a training session today,"

"Oh, she's with the other apprentices doing training with Swampheart, Rumblepelt and Juniperfrost,"

Hurricanestar sighed. "Oh, Okay,"

Darknight narrowed his eyes. "Everything alright, Hurricanestar?"

Hurricanestar looked at him. "Nothing, I just don't know what to do about the storm that is coming," se said. "I-I just don't know what to do,"

"Relax for StarClan's sake," Darknight meowed.

"I know. I just what to be left alone." he said before entering his den. He sat on his nest, which was now shredded moss and reeds. I don't care what it takes, but I want to help my clan. Even if at the cost of my own life. He thought before curling up to sleep.

Chapter Three ~ Tornadostar Edit

"Tornadostar," A yowl from his deputy, Lilypetal wakes Tornadostar. He lifts himself from his nest shaking the ferns and prairie grass of his pale brown and white tabby pelt and exits his den.

"Tornadostar," Lilypetal yowls again. Tornadostar runs down from the cliffs.

"What do you want?" he said, yawning.

"Rainbowtail's patrol found Sandstormstar on the border," Lilypetal said. "He must have crossed BlizzardClan territory and needs to talk to you,"

"What does he want now?" Tornadostar meowed, licking his chest fur.

"I don't know," She admitted. "All I know is that Rainbowtail sent Shiningpaw here and said that Sandstormstar needs to talk to you,"

"Fine, I go," he said before running out of camp.

What does Sandstormstar want now? Tornadostar thought as he ran through the prairie. Maybe he just wants to gloat about his victory again. That mange-pelt!

As he neared the border, he saw that Sandstormstar was alone. Rainbowtail's patrol was looking at him with narrowed eyes and unsheathed claws. Tornadostar give his half-brother a stare.

Sandstormstar smirked. "Ah, Tornadostar. It been a long time since-"

"Save it," Tornadostar snarled. "What do you want?"

Sandstormstar let out a purr. Tornadostar stiffed. "Blunt as ever, Tornadostar. OK I tell you what I want," Tornadostar flicked his tail. "I want you to stay out of my way," Sandstormstar snarled.

Rainbowtail pads up to them. "What does he mean, Tornadostar?"

Tornadostar turned to the calico warrior and back to Sandstormstar. "He meant to stay out of his battles," he paused. "The battle between you and Hurricanestar was my business, too,"

"How was that your business?" Sandstormstar snarled. "You are on the other side of the river. How were you involved?" he continued.

Tornadostar fought to keep his neck fur down. "I promised him that I protect his since my clan was big enough to fight you off," Tornadostar growled.

"I also knew him before this clan business," Sandstormstar snapped.

"Well, this didn't take long to turn bad," Tornadostar heard Duskscar mutter to Rainbowtail.

"Never mind this," Tornadostar meowed, trying to fight off the urge to fight Sandstormstar. "Now get off TornadoClan territory,"

Sandstormstar got up and padded away. "This isn't over." Sandstormstar growled over his shoulder before he ran though Blizzardstar territory away from sight.

Tornadostar gulped. Uh oh. He'll get back at me somehow. He thought.

A paw prodded his side. Tornadostar turned around to Rainbowtail.

"Come on," Rainbowtail said "Let's get back to camp,"

Tornadostar nodded and followed her back to camp.

As Tornadostar got back to camp, he passed by the fresh-kill pile. A plump jackrabbit on top of the pile made his stomach growl.

"Hungry, huh?" Lilypetal's purr made him burn with embarrassment. That was the same voice Blizzardstar used to tease me back when used to be in RiverClan. Tornadostar thought before he thought about the beautiful, white she-cat.

"Hey, wake up," Lilypetal's mew snaps his back to reality. "Listen, Buzzardflight and Bramblethorn got back from the Moonfalls and said to me that we need to prepare for that storm," Lilypetal points her muzzle to the darkening skies above. Tornadostar bristled as he smelled fear coming from Lilypetal.

"What are we supposed to do?"

"I don't know but if we don't do something soon..." Tornadostar tensed as Lilypetal voice trailed off.

"TornadoClan will be destroyed."

Chapter Four ~ Blizzardstar Edit

Blizzardstar looked though the fresh-kill pile and found a plump trout. She picked it up and carried it to the shade of an evergreen tree. The Greenleaf sun was warm, but not warm enough to melt the snow. As Blizzardstar eat her fish, she saw Jasmineleaf pad to her.

"I know your secret," Jasmineleaf meowed before setting down beside Blizzardstar.

"Know what?" Blizzardstar said with her mouth full.

"Eating a lot, mood swings. It's obvious that you're expecting kits,"

Blizzardstar felt her heart rise to her throat. "OK, it's true, but I'm clan leader what am I supposed to do,"

Jasmineleaf let out a purr. She must have forgotten about the argument with Fireblaze. Blizzardstar thought.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't tell anyone," She meowed. She added with a lowered voice, "Since, I'm expecting kits, too,"

Blizzardstar was shocked. "Really, whose kits are you expecting?"

"Birchclaw's," she mewed. "But I didn't tell him yet. My kits are due in a moon. So I'll soon to the nursery,"

Blizzardstar nodded. "Ah, he'll be a good father to your kits. My kits are due in two moons,"

Blizzardstar paused as Stormblade and his patrol came back with two carps and a small reindeer.

"We'll talk later." Jasmineleaf said before padding to Birchclaw who dropped a carp in the pile. Stormblaze padded to her.

"How are you?" Stormblade smirked before nosing her. Blizzardstar pushed him off. Stormblade's acting meaner and self-centered than before, She thought.

"I'm fine," she meowed. Blizzardstar looked at her mate up and down. OK, he still looks the same, but what's different? She thought. He's not the same cat when I first met him.

"Blizzardstar," A whisper from Brackenshade makes her turn. "I need to talk to you." He hissed.

Blizzardstar walked to the medicine cat den. She saw her brother sitting in the back, his ice-blue eyes were tired and stressed.

"What do you want?" she said before letting out a yawn.

"It's about the storm and this also involves Stormblade," Blizzardstar was puzzled about what Brackenshade said. "I noticed the storm was not natural and when I talked to StarClan, they give me bad news,"

Blizzardstar bristled. "What is it?"

Brackenshade give her a frightened glance. "Stormblade is being trained by the Dark Forest and the storm was created by the Dark Forest to destroy us,"

Blizzardstar was shocked. My mate is training in the Dark Forest. That's why he's different than before.

"Blizzardstar," Brackenshade mew makes go back to reality. "Don't say anything about what I said to him or else we'll both be in trouble."

Blizzardstar nods as she exits the den. She notices Littlestorm and Fireblaze by the fresh-kill pile.

"Fireblaze, Littlestorm. I need to talk to you," She meowed walking to them.

Both cats turn to her. Their eyes were dull with exhaustion.

"I need you two to built some prey holes to store prey in case the storm prevents us from hunting,"

Fireblaze flicked his tail. "Can our apprentices help?"

"Yes, they can help." Blizzardstar said. As she walks away, she sees them starting to dig at the frozen ground as Thistlepaw and Lightningpaw come up to them. She looks the sky as the sun goes down. She begins to climbs back to her den when a yowl calls her attention.

"Blizzardstar, Blizzardstar!" Blizzardstar turns around and sees Emberflare beneath the cliff. She jumps off the ledge and lands heavily on her paws. She felt the kicks from her kits inside of her. She winces. It's a wonder that no one realizes that I'm expecting kits. She thought.

"There's a rogue on the Twoleg side of our territory who says he needs to talk to you," Emberflare growled, digging his claws into the ground.

"Okay, I need you and..." Blizzardstar scans the clearing and spots Crystalsky sharing a pike with Nettlefeather and Pebblenose at the shade of the trees. "Crystalsky to come with me,"

Emberflare nods and Crystalsky looks up from her meal and pads to them. Blizzardstar heads out of camp to the forest. At the corner of her eye, she sees Emberflare whispering something to Crystalsky as they neared the border.

"What was that, Emberflare?" she meowed, halting the patrol.

Emberflare and Crystalsky exchange glances and turn back to her.

"Are expecting kits or something, Blizzardstar?" Emberflare meowed. "Since you have been acting kind of... awkward lately,"

Blizzardstar give him an icy glance, but she softens it. "Yes, I'm expecting kits,"

"Ah, you must be the BlizzardClan leader," A voice behind her makes Blizzardstar turn. She looks to see and meets the rouge's eyes, which the color of blood. Blizzardstar flinched.

The rogue bowed his head. "Greetings, Blizzardstar. My name is Blood and I wish to join your Clan,"

Blizzardstar looked at the tom with narrowed eyes up and down. He has the strength and body of a BlizzardClan cat, Blizzardstar thought. Maybe he's good for our ranks, but he looks like a threat and he has a very short pelt to withstand the cold.

Blizzardstar shook her head. "I'm sorry, Blood, but you can't join our clan," she meowed. "Maybe the other for Clans will let you join them."

Blizzardstar half-expected Blood to leave peacefully, but he let out a snarl that made Emberflare and Crystalsky bristle.

"But I wanted to join this clan," he snarled. "You'll regret your decision, Blizzardstar. Mark my words!" He continued before stalking away into the shadows of the Twolegplace.

"Now, I know why he's called Blood," Emberflare spat as they headed back to camp. "I can't believe he'll be so rude to you, Blizzardstar."

Blizzardstar nodded in agreement, trying to smooth her ruffled pelt. This is just great, She thought. First, the storm and now I have a rogue who hates me, She shakes her head. What else can go wrong? She wondered as they entered camp.

Chapter Five ~ Hurricanestar Edit

Hurricanestar waits outside of the camp entrance. I wonder where Spiderwillow is. He thought. She was supposed to be back by now.

The ferns shook as Dragonflight comes out.

"Hurricanestar, it's late," Dragonflight meowed, yawning. "I'm sure Spiderwillow will be back soon,"

Hurricanestar shrugged. Maybe Dragonflight's right. Spiderwillow could fallen asleep there, He thought.

"Are you taking the night watch, Dragonflight?"

The golden and silver tabby nodded. "Yes,"

Hurricanestar left her and entered camp. He hears mews of protest from kits inside the nursery as he passed. He entered his den as tired as a mouse.

He climbed into his nest and settled himself to sleep.

"Hurricanestar," A paw prods his side and he opened his eyes to see his leader from RiverClan, Cloudstar.

"Hurricanestar, I can't believe you didn't prepare for the storm yet," Cloudstar shook his head.

Hurricanestar heaved himself to his paws. "Why did you come to me for this?" He meowed. "You could have gone to Blizzardstar. She has her own Clan, too," He meowed.

Cloudstar give him a cold stare. "Because she is already preparing her Clan. Honestly, Hurricanestar. You don't think I can be apart from my daughter for a second,"

Hurricanestar winced. "I do think that you can, but what can I do about the storm?"

Cloudstar has already faded and Hurricanestar opens his eyes to the bright light of the sun.

"Hurricanestar," Hurricanestar looks up to see the friendly, golden and silver tabby face of Dragonflight.

Hurricanestar lets out a yawn. "Is Spiderwillow back? I need to ask her about the storm,"

Dragonflight shook her head. "No, but Sandstormstar is at the border and needs to talk to you alone,"

Hurricanestar lets out a growl. "Doesn't that mange-pelt know that I don't want to fight again?"

Dragonflight shakes her head again. Her ice-green eyes dimmed. "Its not about that,"

"Find, I'll come," he growled. "I don't trust Sandstormstar to be 'alone' so I trust you to watch camp," The she-cat nodded and Hurricanestar left.

As Hurricanestar neared the border, he spots Sandstormstar with his deputy, Braveheart and Dandelionleaf. Hurricanestar ran down and sat down without greeting them.

"Alright, Sandstormstar, what do you want?" he growled.

Sandstormstar flicked his tail and the other two cats left. "I have decided to give you a chance,"

Hurricanestar licked a paw. "A chance for what?"

"A chance for you to join me in a battle, of course," Sandstormstar sneered.

Hurricanestar stopped mid-lick. "What battle and against who?"

"Against Blizzardstar and her pathetic little clan,"

"This is all, Sandstormstar," Hurricanestar growled. "You know my answer will always be no."

Hurricanestar turned around to leave, but Sandstormstar sneered.

"Oh, and I thought you cared about Spiderwillow," Sandstormstar meowed as it began to rain.

Hurricanestar stiffed. Sandstormstar sneered again. "So you do care," he mocked.

"Where is she?" Hurrincanestar roared as he jumped on to Sandstormstar, pinning him down.

Sandstormstar smirked and shook Hurricanestar off. "I didn't hurt her....yet," He growled.

Sandstormstar meet Hurricanestar's gaze. "If you don't keep your jaws shut, you'll never see her again." Sandstormstar stalked away, leaving Hurricanestar alone in the rain.

Chapter Six ~ TornadostarEdit

Tornadostar was sorting patrols for the day. Where is Lilypetal? He thought. It's her job as deputy to do the patrols. He shook his head. It had been a moon since he last saw Sandstormstar.

"Tornadostar," Tornadostar turned around to see Lilypetal run into camp with a dark brown tom with a white chest.

"What?" Tornadostar meowed. He looked at the tom. "Hawkstrike?"

Hawkstrike dipped his head. "Greetings, Tornadostar,"

"What do you want?"

Lilypetal and Hawkstrike exchanged glances. "We have something to tell you and not here,"

Tornadostar flicked his tail. "Come into my den,"

Tornadostar led the two cats to his den.


Lilypetal nudged Hawkstrike forward. "Tell him," she meowed.

Hawkstrike took a deep breath. "Lilypetal told me about the problem you had with Sandstormstar the other day,"

Tornadostar flicked his tail. "And?"

Hawkstrike was frightened. "Well, he came to SunClan that day and talked to Sunstar. She and Sandstormstar made a deal to destroy BlizzardClan and split the territory between them. Then take over the other clans,"

Tornadostar's heart sank. "They combined their clans and are going to attack BlizzardClan tonight!"

"WHAT?" Tornadostar sank his claws into the ground. "We have to go help them,"

Before Tornadostar can leave, Hawkstrike blocked him. "Don't tell him or Sunstar I told you, got that?"

Tornadostar nodded and ran out the den. He stood on the cliff near his den,"

"All cats old enough to chase tornadoes. Come to the cliffs for a clan meeting," His yowl rang though camp.

He watched as his clanmates came out of their dens and sat beneath the cliff.

"I just received grave news. Sandstormstar and Sunstar have combined their clans and plan to attack BlizzardClan," Tornadostar meowed to his clan.

There were gasps of shock from his Clan.

"How do you know?" Swordpaw meowed, twitching his silver and white tabby tail.

Tornadostar give his apprentice a look. "Since Hawkstrike himself told me,"

Swordpaw lowered his head. "Oh,"

Tornadostar turned to his Clan. "We will leave tonight," he yowled. "Lilypetal, you begin to sort the patrols,"

Tornadostar ran to Hawkstrike, who looked at the sky.

"I have to go before Sunstar realizes I have gone to warn you," he meowed. "Good luck, Tornadostar."

Tornadostar watches him run out of camp before he turned back to his Clan.

Chapter Seven ~ BlizzardstarEdit

A shrill squeal makes Blizzardstar lift her head. Blizzardstar looks to see two of Jasmineleaf's kits were playing with each other. She has given up her leader duties for now and asked Fireblaze to run the clan for now.

"Get off of me, Featherkit," Whiskerkit mewled. He looked exactly like his mother.

"Why should I?" Featherkit, who looks like her father mewled back.

Blizzardstar lets out a purr. They remind me of when Brackenshade and I were kits. She thought.

"Alright, Featherkit and Whiskerkit let your little brother and sister play with you," Jasmineleaf said, looking at her other two kits, Shadekit and Shrewkit. Shadekit was a dark gray tom and Shrewkit, named after Birchclaw’s now-deceased father, Shrewfang, was a mottled brown-and-white she-kit.

Blizzardstar shakes her head and gets up to stretch her legs. She headed for the fresh-kill when she nearly crashes into Birchclaw.

"Sorry, Blizzardstar," he meowed. "I wanted to see my kits,"

The kits let out squeals of welcome as Blizzardstar headed for the fresh-kill pile. She picks a plump pigeon and carries it to a patch of sunlight.

She was about to eat when a flock of pigeons erupted from the evergreen trees. What is going on? She thought. She looks to see Sunstar and Sandstormstar burst through the entrance of camp with their clans.

"Intruders!" Blizzardstar yowled as her Clan jump to their paws. She turns to Jasmineleaf and Birchclaw who have began to herd their kits to the nursery.

"Not here," Blizzardstar yowls and looks to her den. "Bring them to my den," She picks up Shrewkit and carries her to the den with Jasmineleaf and Birchclaw with their kits following in behind. She set down a wailing Shrewkit down on the moss. Blizzardstar turned around and headed for the entrance of her den.

"What are you doing?" Jasmineleaf hissed.

Blizzardstar turned to her. "I'm going out to fight,"

Jasmineleaf stared at her. "What? You're a moon away from your kitting and you're going out to fight,"

"I'm Clan leader, remember," Blizzardstar growled. "I'm fighting not for me, but for my Clan,"

Blizzardstar ran out of the den and sees most of her clan was fighting harder than ever. Blizzardstar runs down the cliff and tackles a dark brown tabby tom who has Pebblenose pinned down.

"Get off of her, you mange-pelt," she growled, tossing him aside.

The dark brown tabby jumped to his paws, growling. Blizzardstar turns to Pebblenose, who is barely breathing.

"Blizzardstar, are you there?" Pebblenose meowed weakly.

"I'm here," Blizzardstar meowed, keeping an eye on the dark tabby tom.

"Please watch my kits for me," Pebblenose took a final breath before her eyes grew dull.

"Pebblenose," Blizzardstar choked out the word.

She turned to the dark tabby, pouncing on him.

"You will pay for killing Pebblenose," she snarled, slicing at his face.

The tom let out a yowl and ran off. Blizzardstar sat up panting when a pale ginger tabby tom hits her from behind. Blizzardstar turns around and looks at the tom. What is Sandstormstar doing here? She thought.

"Hello, Blizzardstar," Blizzardstar narrowly misses a swipe from Sandstormstar.

"Sandstormstar," Blizzardstar clawed at his ear. "What do you want?"

Sandstormstar curled his lip. "I want revenge, Blizzardstar," He knocks Blizzardstar to the ground.

Blizzardstar jumped to her paws and was about to jump on him when a great pain went though her. Blizzardstar winced, her face twisted in pain. No, not now. Blizzardstar thought. M-my kits are coming and they're very early. Blizzardstar spin around and ran to the nursery, passing Fireblaze who was fighting Sunstar.

"Fireblaze!" Blizzardstar yowled to him. "Find Brackenshade and tell him my kits are coming,"

The dark ginger tom let go off Sunstar and ran to the medicine cat den.

Blizzardstar dived into the nursery and pain sliced though her body as she curled up in the nest. She let out a shriek of pain as Brackenshade entered the den with a bunch of herbs Blizzardstar doesn't know about.

"Relax, Blizzardstar," Brackenshade said, through gritted teeth. "They'll be here soon," Brackenshade give Blizzardstar the herb he had ready for her.

Blizzardstar was in intense pain. She let out a screech as a tiny gray tabby kit slid into the moss. Blizzardstar looked at the small kit as Brackenshade licked it until it mewled.

"He looks like Stormblade," Brackenshade commented.

Blizzardstar looked up at him. "How many more kits?"

Brackenshade felt Blizzardstar's side. "At least two more and you are in no condition to fight, got that?"

"I got that," Blizzardstar looked up to see Sandstormstar at the entrance of the den, mocking Brackenshade.

Sandstormstar looked at her with surprise and curls his lip. "So this is why you ran from me,"

Brackenshade stood in front of Blizzardstar, his claws extended. "Leave us alone, Sandstormstar or else,"

Sandstormstar took a step closer. "Or else what, Brackenshade?"

Brackenshade jumped on to Sandstormstar, biting his back. Sandstormstar let out a yowl and tried to pull Brackenshade off of him. Blizzardstar watched in horror as her brother fought Sandstormstar viciously.

"Sandstormstar, stop you can't hurt a medicine cat," Blizzardstar yowled.

"Watch me," he snarled, before he bit Brackenshade's throat.

"No," Blizzardstar yowled in pain. "Brackenshade,"

Brackenshade collapsed and his ice-blue eyes grew dull and he laid still.

Brackenshade give his life up for me. She thought. She let out a screech and a tiny kit came out. Blizzardstar looked at her second-born son. He looked like Brackenshade in his color and size.

"Brackenshade," she whispered. "I'll never forget you," Blizzardstar began to lick her new kit.

Blizzardstar looked with hatred at Sandstormstar, who licked Brackenshade's blood off his paws.

Sandstormstar looked at her and curled his lip. "You're next, Blizzardstar."

Chapter Eight ~ HurricanestarEdit

Hurricanestar lies curled up in his nest. I hate Sandstormstar. He thought.

Shrieks and screeches can be heard from the distance. Hurricanestar jumps to his paws and ran out of his den. He sees the BlizzardClan camp being attacked.

Hurricanestar lets out a growl. "That mouse-brain," he growled. "He shouldn't attack BlizzardClan in their camp,"

Hurricanestar's ears prick and turn to see Dragonflight climb up the rocks to him.

"You know," Dragonflight meows. "You can rescue Spiderwillow now,"

Hurricanestar turns to her. The young she-cat shifts her paws. "Well, we can sneak into camp and rescue her,"

Hurricanestar nods. "Okay, we go today," He meows. "Go get Swampheart and Marshstep. We'll need their help," He flicks his tail and Dragonflight ran down the rocks and enters the warriors' den.

Hurricanestar turns around to the dark sky. We're coming Spiderwillow. Hang in there. He thought.

Dragonflight returns with a sleepy Marshstep and a yawning Swampheart.

"What do you want so late, Hurricanestar?" Swampheart yawns.

Hurricanestar turns to him. "We are going to rescue Spiderwillow tonight,"

Marshstep and Swampheart exchange glances. "Okay, Hurricanestar," Marshstep meows.

Hurricanestar nods. "Okay, come on,"

He leads his clanmates out of HurricaneClan territory and stops at the SandstormClan border. He looks around and led his clanmates to SandstormClan's camp. As they grew closer, Hurricanestar could hears mewls from the camp nursery.

"Who's there?" Hurricanestar turns around to see Dashingcomet, a SandstormClan warrior.

"Hurricanestar, is that you?" Dashingcomet meows, stepping closer. "Are you here for Spiderwillow?"

Hurricanestar lets out a growl. "Yes, where is Sandstormstar?"

"He left to attack BlizzardClan and I stayed behind due to a twisted paw,"

"Can you show me where Spiderwillow is?" Hurricanestar asked.

Dashingcomet nodded. "I knew that you will come sometime soon,"

She led Hurricanestar and his patrol into a dimly lit den that smelled like decay. In the corner of the den lies Spiderwillow, emaciated, but alive.

"Hurricanestar, are you there?" she croaked.

Hurricanestar nosed her gently to her paws. "It's me and come on. Let's get you out of here,"

Spiderwillow follows Hurricanestar as Dragonflight and Marshstep support her. Hurricanestar turns around and sees Swampheart hasn't followed him out of SandstormClan camp.

"You go ahead and head for camp," Hurricanestar meows to them before he enters camp again.

He looks and sees Swampheart and Dashingcomet talking to each other.

"It has been a long time, Swampheart," Dashingcomet purred, brushing her muzzle with Swampheart's.

"It has been," Swampheart meowed. "I thought I'll never see you again,"

"It was hard to keep our secret," Dashingcomet meowed, twinning her tail with his.

What secret? Hurricanestar thought.

"I'm expecting your kits, Swampheart," Dashingcomet meowed. "I stayed behind to protect my unborn kits,"

Hurricanestar was shocked and padded up to the two cats. "What does she mean, Swampheart?"

Swampheart looked at Hurricanestar with shock. "Well- I-um...."

Hurricanestar let out a growl. "I was told by your father to keep you away from her,"

Swampheart bristled. "At least I'm not in love with my own medicine cat," He growled back. "And I don't care about my father anymore. I just want to be with Dashingcomet than anything else," He stepped in front of Dashingcomet with unsheathed claws and bared teeth.

Hurricanestar let out a growl. "Fine, but you're lucky I'm not banning you from the clan. Come on, lets go,"

Swampheart obeyed and followed Hurricanestar out of camp.

Hurricanestar shook his head. Can I have something good for once?!

Chapter Nine ~ TornadostarEdit

Tornadostar run though the unfamiliar evergreen forest overlooking for BlizzardClan camp with his clan running behind him. Shrieks and screeches are echoing the forest around him.

"Oh no, we're too late, Tornadostar," Lilypetal meowed.

Tornadostar looked ahead of him. "But we're not giving up without a fight,"

Tornadostar jumped onto an old evergreen stump that was in front of BlizzardClan camp.

"TornadoClan, attack," Tornadostar yowled as his warriors ran past him into the camp.

Tornadostar jumped off the stump and ran into the entrance to see several bodies of BlizzardClan warriors were on the ground and attacked a gray tabby tom, who let out a yowl as Tornadostar tried to bite him. Tornadostar shook him and tosses the tom to the ground.

"Looks like Sandstormstar was in fact right. You would come here," Tornadostar spin around to see the pretty tortoiseshell and white pelt of Sunstar as she swiped him on his muzzle.

"Sunstar, what are you doing here?" Tornadostar snarled at her.

Sunstar looked at him with mock showing in her green eyes. "Fighting,"

Tornadostar let out a growl and jumped on Sunstar, clawing at her fur. Sunstar let out a shriek and swiped at Tornadostar's face, ripping off some of Tornadostar's pale brown and white tabby fur off his face. Tornadostar jumped back, shaking the blood off his face. A small shriek came from the nursery, making Tornadostar turn around.

Blizzardstar! Tornadostar thought.

Sunstar leaped at him, her teeth bared in a snarl. Tornadostar swiped at her, ripping Sunstar's right ear. Sunstar landed awkwardly and let out a wail, keeping a paw on her right ear. Tornadostar ran past her heading for the nursery. He heard another shriek from the nursery.

What is going on? He thought as he ran past Lilypetal who was fighting SandstormClan deputy, Braveheart. Of course, Blizzardstar was expecting kits and must be having them now. He thought before slipping into the nursery.

He looked around and saw Brackenshade on the ground, dead. What in the name of StarClan had happened? He thought before looking up to see Blizzardstar lying on her nest with two kits, panting and eyes wide. She was covered in blood and had a scar on her left eye.

"Blizzardstar," Tornadostar called to her. Something hit Tornadostar on the head, knocking him to the ground. He looked up to see Sandstormstar standing over him.

"I knew you will come, Tornadostar," Sandstormstar growled, curling his lip.

"Sandstormstar," Tornadostar spat. "What are you doing here?"

Sandstormstar looked at Blizzardstar, who was panting heavily. "What do you think? Hurting the one you once loved, Tornadostar,"

Tornadostar let out a growl of anger. "What do you want?"

"Nothing, but revenge," Sandstormstar pounced in him, pinning Tornadostar to the ground. "I don't care if we're half-brothers, Tornadostar. I was always stronger than you and always will," Sandstormstar sank his teeth into Tornadostar's neck. Tornadostar barely heard the frightened screech that Blizzardstar let out.

Tornadostar tried to shake Sandstormstar off, but his consciousness faded into a sucking darkness.

Chapter Ten ~ BlizzardstarEdit

Blizzardstar watched in horror as Tornadostar slumps to the ground losing one of his lives.

"Tornadostar," Blizzardstar's voice shook as she spoke.

A gasp of pain escapes from Blizzardstar as a tiny she-kit tumbled to the ground next to her. Blizzardstar looked up to see a tiny copy of Tornadostar in front of her eyes. Tornadostar's life came back to my daughter. She thought.

She felt intense pain as she lifted the kit to her belly and began licking it with strong licks.

"Nice that you had another kit, Blizzardstar," Blizzardstar looked up to see that Sandstormstar was closer to her. "But your moment of happiness won't last,"

Blizzardstar looked at her three kits. "I can't fight you, Sandstormstar," she meowed.

The pale ginger tom curled his lips. "I can see that. Now let's see. Which one should I start with first?"

"Maybe you should start with me first," Blizzardstar looked up to see at Tornadostar, who was back on his paws.

Sandstormstar turns around. "I thought I put you down for good,"

"Maybe you should remember that have nine lives, too," he mocked, unsheathing his claws.

Blizzardstar let out a shriek as Sandstormstar jumped in back of her and put his claws on her neck.

"One false move, Tornadostar, and Blizzardstar goes down with me," Sandstormstar snarled.

Blizzardstar looked at Tornadostar, looking for anger, but found despair in his dark blue eyes.

"Leave her alone, Sandstormstar," Tornadostar meowed. "It's my fight, not hers,"

Tornadostar, please remember that I'm leader of BlizzardClan. Blizzardstar thought.

Sandstormstar let go of her neck and stalked Tornadostar.

"See Tornadostar," Sandstormstar meowed. "I always win, no matter what,"

Tornadostar lowered his head as Sandstormstar padded around him.

Not again, Blizzardstar gulped painfully. Me and my kits are costing lives. I wish for a way to help Tornadostar and protect my kits at the same time. Wait! I still have my Blizzard Power. I can use it to distract Sandstormstar and make Tornadostar attack him. She thought.

"Oh, Sandstormstar," she meowed sweetly.

Sandstormstar turn around. "What?"

Blizzardstar took a deep breath and blew snow into Sandstormstar. He let a yowl as he stumbled back. He let out a growl and lunged at her, claws extended.

No, this wasn't supposed to happen! She thought, bracing herself for Sandstormstar's claws to dig into her throat.

Chapter Eleven ~ HurricanestarEdit

Hurricanestar settled down in his nest and was about to drift into sleep when a large, rumbling noise shakes camp. Hurricanestar jumps to his paws. What is the name of StarClan is going on? He thought as another rumbling sound shakes his den. He runs outside to see his clan in a panic.

"Oh, Hurricanestar, it's horrible," Dragonflight meowed to him, rounding up frightened kits with her tail.

Hurricanestar looks around to see his clanmates run in panic as another rumbling crash shakes the clan. He looks up in the sky to see huge thunder clouds rolling in, bringing lightning as big as trees down.

"Everyone into one of the caves below the cliff," he yowls, jumping off the cliff and runs to a Dreamcloud, who was having trouble rounding her three new kits.

Dreamcloud looked at him with frightened eyes with a small, sand-colored kit in her jaws. "Hurricanestar, help me," She said with a frightened wail.

Hurricanestar nodded and picked up a small she-kit that looks like Spiderwillow.

He reached the den when Dreamcloud lets out a wail.

"What's wrong?" Hurricanestar meowed, placing the kit next to her mother. He turns around to see a tiny, pale gray and white tabby she-kit wailing in fear as lightning grew stronger and nearer by the minute.

"Mosskit!" Dreamcloud screeched as Hurricanestar ran out of the den keeping an eye on the lightning that was coming close to the kit.

"Mosskit, you're coming with me," he meowed gently to the kit picking her up.

Hurricanestar ran as fast as he could and heard yowls of shock as the lightning grew nearer. Hurricanestar made wild, bee-brained idea. I have to this for the sake of Mosskit and myself. He thought and tosses the kit into the safely of the den. Before he can reach the den, lightning struck Hurricanestar, who let out a yowl and collapses to the ground.

Hurricanestar let out a yowl and everything went black...

"Hurricanestar, Hurricanestar!" A paw shook Hurricanestar awake. Hurricanestar opened his eyes.

"What?" He growled and sees Cloudstar standing over him. Hurricanestar jumped to his paws.

"How did I end up in StarClan?" he whispered. "One moment, I was back at home. The next moment I'm here,"

Cloudstar flicked his long, white tail. "You lost one of your lives, Hurricanestar. But you will return to them soon,"

Hurricanestar closed his eyes and when he opened them, he saw Spiderwillow tending to him. Spiderwillow let out a purr of relief.

"You're alive," she meowed. "I thought you lost all your five remaining lives due to that lightning,"

Hurricanestar shook his head. "Is Mosskit safe?"

Spiderwillow nodded, moving out of the way to see Dreamcloud asleep with her kits.

"What is going on out there?"

Spiderwillow looked at him with an ice-green glare. "The storm has arrived, Hurricanestar."

Final Chapter ~ TornadostarEdit

Tornadostar jumped on to Sandstormstar before he sank his claws into Blizzardstar's neck.

"Leave her alone," he growled. He bites Sandstormstar's neck and tosses him across the den.

Tornadostar runs to Blizzardstar, who was frightened by that attack.

"Are you ok, Blizzardstar?" Tornadostar meowed, his voice betrayed by love.

Blizzardstar looks up. "Yes, my kits are alright, too,"

Tornadostar let out a purr of relief. "Thank StarClan. Stormblaze will probably kill me if I let Sandstormstar kill his kits,"

Blizzardstar flashes a look of guilt. "These kits are not Stormblaze's. They were never were,"

"But if you-"

Blizzardstar interrupts. "I mean these kits are yours, Tornadostar,"

Tornadostar's heart jumped. Please tell me this is a dream. He thought.

Blizzardstar shakes her head. "I knew you will be like that,"

Tornadostar was about to open to his jaws when a huge, rumbling sound shook the den.

"What was that?" Blizzardstar meowed, her pale ice-blue eyes wide in terror.

"I don't know, but I'll check," Tornadostar padded out of the den to see dark gray storm clouds rolling in.

The den shook as Sandstormstar padded out. He stared at the large storm above them.

"Oh no, the storm is here," Sunstar wailed, as she ran up.

Tornadostar looked at the bodies of cats lying on the ground in front of him.

"We've done nothing, but fight," Tornadostar meowed.

He ran onto the cliff where Blizzardstar's den is. "All cats to their clans and ran back to prepare your clans,"

The surviving cats scattered to their clans and Tornadostar ran to the nursery to see Blizzardstar, curled up with her kits.

"Tornadostar, can you name my last kit?" she meowed weakly. "I named the biggest kit Jaykit and the other one Brackenkit, after Brackenshade since he's...gone," She choked out.

Tornadostar looked at the tiny she-kit with matching pale brown and white pelt like his. He give it a lick.

"I will name her Avalanchekit. So she can be like you," Tornadostar meowed, giving Blizzardstar a lick on the ear. A yowl from Lilypetal calls him.

"I got to go," Tornadostar meowed. "Bye, Blizzardstar,"

Tornadostar ran out of the den and followed Lilypetal out of BlizzardClan camp. A hiss from behind the bushes calls his attention and stops.

Lilypetal pauses. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, you go on ahead. I'll catch up," Tornadostar meowed to her. He noticed something odd about Lilypetal.

"Is it me or you're expecting kits?" Tornadostar asked, his dark blue eyes curious.

"Um... no," Lilypetal meowed, looking at her paws. She suddenly ran ahead.

As she ran off, the hissing repeated. He turned to the bushes. The scent and sound reminds me of someone, but who? He thought.

He ran forward and bursts out into a clearing and sees a dark black tom as faint as mist, curling his lip at him.

"Blackstorm, what are you doing here?"


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