Current: WindClan
Past: Kittypet
Name: Apprentice: Cloudpaw

Kittypet: Cloud

Members: Unknown
Mentor(s): None
Past: None
Living: The Tail of a Friend
Dead: None
Cloudtail is a fluffy, white she-cat with ice blue eyes, and her left ear is torn. She was previously a kittypet with a pink collar and a bell.


The Rise SeriesEdit

The Tail of a FriendEdit

Cloud is first seen in the prologue, having moved into the Twoleg Nest near WindClan territory. She dreams of catching a mouse, and sees three strange cats. These cats are Lavenderwish, Tallstar and Barkface from StarClan.

She is next seen as an intruder. Leopardclaw tells her to go away, but she refuses and ends up in a fight. She gives Leopardclaw a scar, and recives a torn ear. She flees back to her kittypet nest.

Leopardclaw and Webstar discuss the situation with Cloud, and Webstar tells Leopardclaw that if Cloud is part of the prophecy, she must be invited into the Clan. Leopardclaw sees Cloud again, and they tell each other their names. Cloud then disappears before Leopardclaw can invite her to join WindClan.

Cloud later decides to join the Clan when Leopardclaw asks her. She is greeted into the Clan with some resistance, but is still accepted, adopting the name Cloudpaw. She removes her collar herself, proving loyalty to the Clan.

Strangers in the ShadowsEdit

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Allegiance of the AncientsEdit

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Night of the Golden MoonEdit

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The Next Generation SeriesEdit

Loner RoadEdit

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