Echostar - Fluffy, Dark gray she-cat with white paws and muzzle and blue eyes.


Splashsong - Light brown tabby she-cat with yellow green eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Darkstorm - mottled gray/black tom
Apprentice: Dreamcatcher

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):

Frostclaw - white tom
Runningcloud - black tom with amber eyes
Apprentice: Ivypaw
Jaysong - gray tabby tom with blue eyes
Apprentice: Icepaw
Hawkcherry - Red brown tom with amber eyes.
Duskblaze - Dusky gray she-cat with blazing amber eyes.
Thornbreeze - Golden and white splotched tom with golden eyes.
Snowdawn - White and orange tabby.

Apprentices (in-training to become warriors, six moons or older):

Ivypaw - black and white tom with green eyes
Icepaw - white she-cat with green eyes
Dreamcatcher - silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a black tail tip. Apprentice to the medicine cat.

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits):

Shatteredflame - black she-cat with ginger tabby markings. Expecting Frostclaw's kits.

Elders (Retired warriors and queens):

Blackear - white tom with one dead ear that's shrivled and black.
Scarfoot - Ugly, battled scared tom that usually frigtens Cloudheart. Brown, messy fur.
Cloudheart - white she-cat

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