This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by RCWriter
This page contains the allegiances for the Last Wilderness series.
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Leader: Ebonystar- pitch black tom with green eyes. The tip of his tail was lost it a fight with ShadowClan.

Black Cat

WindClan leader, Ebonystar

Deputy: Shadepelt- blue-eyed black tom with a single white tail tip.

Medicine Cat: Sweetleaf- striking blue-eyed cream she-cat with a brown tip on her tail and one brown paw.

Apprentice ~ Willowspice- a moderately young dark brown tom with piercing yellow eyes.


Treepelt- long-haired light brown tom with amber eyes.

Apprentice- Silverpaw

Cleverheart- blue-eyed gray tom with white markings on his belly, paws and muzzle.

Spurclaw- dark brown she-cat with a white tipped tail and green eyes.

Jaguarfang- lightning fast cream she-cat with a killer bite and amber eyes.

Apprentice- Pinepaw

Silentswipe- gray tom with white front paws and blue eyes. A great hunter.

Snowspots- white she-cat with gray spots and blue eyes.

Apprentice- Broadpaw

Fall-leaf- ginger she-cat the color of a autumn leaf with amber eyes to match.

Apprentice- Muddypaw

Falconclaw- ginger tom with claws as sharp as a falcon's talons and green eyes.

Apprentice- Thickpaw

Racooneye- gray she-cat with black around her yellow eyes.

Apprentice- Berrypaw

Sunspot- a white she-cat with a single peculiar gold spot and yellow eyes.

Apprentice- Nettlepaw


Pinepaw- an unusually large gray tom with green eyes.

Silverpaw- a silver she-cat with blue eyes.

Nettlepaw- cream she-cat with green eyes.

Broadpaw- a tabby tom with unusually large paws and yellow eyes.

Muddypaw- a white tom with brown feet and blue eyes.

Berrypaw- a black she-cat with a purplish tint and green eyes.

Thickpaw- a gray tom named after his thick fur though some think it is because of his thick skull. He has emerald green eyes.


Moonpelt- a white queen with blue eyes.

Dewleaf- a brown queen with sparkling green eyes.

Ice-eyes- a moderately cranky white queen known for her icy stare. She has yellow eyes.


Scratchedpelt- a battle-scarred gray tom with green eyes.

Graypelt- a once beautiful white she-cat whose pelt has started to turn a little gray with age. She has blue eyes.