Cleverheart's TaleEdit

2. MourningEdit

Cleverheart couldn't believe his eyes. Just a moment he had felt prouder than ever before. Now he felt sorrow more painful than he could ever remember. The vastly differing emotions caused so much of a tug in his heart he could do nothing but stare, immobilized, at the horror before him. A ShadowClan warrior named Poisonclaw knocked him out of his trance.


ShadowClan warrior, Poisonclaw

"So a newly initiated warrior. Congratulations!" Poisonclaw meowed in a sarcastic voice. "I'll make sure to kill you swiftly. Maybe you'll learn something! Before you die.

"Not going to happen Poisonclaw!" Cleverheart yowled before he pounced on Poisonclaw with the fury of StarClan.

Although Cleverheart fought with all his might. The young warrior in the end was no match for senior warrior.

Then a familiar caterwaul drifted into Cleverheart's ears.

"Looks like you could use some help there," Spurclaw meowed as she joined the fray.

"Two against one, tsk, tsk. Someone isn't playing fair," Poisonclaw meowed as the fight continued.

Meanwhile, Shadepelt was also locked in intense battle with the ShadowClan deputy Rowanfang.

"Looks like your the new leader, Shadepelt. Or should I say, Shadestar?" Rowanclaw taunted Shadepelt.

"No Rowanclaw, Shadepelt will do just fine for now. And my first order of business will be beating you!" Shadepelt yowled.

The two cats leaped towards each other exchanging blows left and right. As were all the other warriors, each fighting a ShadowClan invader.

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