Daughters of Moonstar and Leafwhisker.


The "more important" one of the litter, as Moonwish says. Sometimes, it seems Moonstar likes Cherrywish better for how she looks like her, but Leafwhisker always pointed out before Moonwish died, that no matter what, they would always be sisters and that they would always be equal and perfect.

Sometimes, Cherrypaw, at the time, would rub into Moonpaw that silver looked shiny and brown was ugly and dull.

Leafwhisker never had the father and kit bond with Cherrywish like Moonstar had with her, or the way he had a bond with Moonwish.

Moonstar took great pride in Cherrywish, but she never admitted that she took equal pride in Moonwish also.


Always the hopeless follower of her troublesome sister from birth to death.

Moonwish was always described as brave until the very end, when three angry crows attacked and killed the loving warrior. Every cat grieved, but no cat grevied more than Moonstar and Leafwhisker.


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