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Burgandykit is by EaglesPack.

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Thin wails of a she-kitty emerged from the nursery. She was giving birth, and was terribly large. All cats thought she carried at least five.

"Just one more," meowed the encouraging voice of the medicine kitty.

"Oh, my fifth, oh..." wailed the she-kitty as mewling started up and kits started to suckle.

A dark tan and black tom padded in. "Oh, Windwhisper, you've done so well!" he cried as the last tom arrived into the world.

"What!" exclaimed the medicine kitty. "There's a red one!"

"Yes, even the blue one has some gray. That red one is a disgrace!" exclaimed the father.

The kit seemed to know they were talking of him.

Later on he was named Burgandykit. Cats avoided him purposefully, and he padded to his mother, Windwhisper.

"Mama?" he squeaked. "Why do they avoid me?"

Windwhisper sighed sadly. It was time he knew.

"You're red and we all have gray."

"But- Streamkit's not gray!"

"But she has blue gray patches."

Burgandykit mewled sadly and padded into the nursery.

I'll show them! he thought, fuming. They won't put me down when I lead them! Just you all wait!

And that was the birth of Burgandystar.

Chapter OneEdit

Burgandykit tumbled roughly with his sister Cloverkit. It wasn't fair! He was unique, and that was something that couldn't be helped- and then cats put him down.

Cloverkit screamed as Burgandykit pinned her down, snarling.

You're gray! Just wait. You'll put me down someday.

"Burgandykit, no!" Windwhisper yowled pleadingly.

But Burgandykit kept clawing her until she twitched and started to bleed terribly from one paw.

"Sneakyheart!" Windwhisper yowled in anguish, and the medicine kitty trotted out to meet her.

"Stop it!" yowled the voice of Deceiptstar, and the black tom snarled threateningly as he separated the kits. "What do you think you're doing?"

Burgandykit's head raced with nasty thoughts. You're putting me down. Why should I answer? She's gray and I'm red. It's just not fair!!

But he couldn't speak aloud what his head screamed at him, so he mewled like he was afraid. "T-tumbling." Oh, yuk, mewling is for newborns!