Leader: Cinderstar- smokey gray she-cat with hazel eyes. 9 lives left.

Deputy: Tigereye- brown tabby tom with blazing yellow eyes.

Medicine Cat: Sagewhisker- black tabby tom with blue eyes.

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):

Jaguarfang- unusually spotted brown tom with piercing amber eyes.

Dawnlight- beautiful brown she-cat with white chest and muzzle with green eyes.

Snakeclaw- black she-cat with one white paw and hazle eyes.

Badgerstripe- beautiful black she-cat with white stripes and yellow eyes.

Tenderfoot- friendly, lithe, steel gray tom with amber eyes.

Apprentice~ Barkpaw

Onestep- blood-red she-cat with hazel colored eyes. One patch of white around the eye.

Deathclaw-tortioseshell tom with blazing green eyes.


Apprentices (kits more than six moons old):

Barkpaw- brown and gray tom with white paws and green eyes.

Farrowpaw- beautiful light gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Queens (she-cats nursing or expecting kits):

Nightbee- black and gray she-cat with amber eyes.

Tallpoppy- tortioseshell she-cat with long legs and blue eyes.

Kits (cats less than six moons old):

Mudkit- mud-colored tom kit with yellow eyes. Son of Nightbee and Tigereye.

Dreamkit- silky gray she-kit with amber eyes. Daughter of Nightbee and Tigereye.

Shallowkit- unusually white coated she-kit and the smallest in the den with blue eyes. Daughter of Tallpoppy and Tenderfoot.

Bramblekit- black tabby tom with amber eyes. Son of Tallpoppy and Tenderfoot.

Wishkit- dark brown tom kit with blazing yellow eyes and the ability to see StarClan in his dreams. Son of Tallpoppy and Tenderfoot.