Leader: Shellstar- handsome dark gray tom with white paws, muzzle and amber eyes. 6 lives left. Mate of Wingpelt

Deputy: Troutclaw- light gray tom with unusually long claws and blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Streamstep- beautiful mottled-gray she-cat with piercing amber eyes.


Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):

Sunmist- beautiful orange-yellow she-cat with blazing yellow eyes.

Mumblestep- clumsy black and white tom with green eyes.


Whitefang- handsome, lithe, white tom with unusually long fangs. Amber eyes. Mate of Daisyflower.

Dullfeather- handsome bracken-colored tom with blue eyes. Mate of Salmonpelt.

Weedwhisker- beautiful orange pelted she-cat with yellow eyes and crooked whiskers that look like weeds.

Timberfur- long furred, black and white tom with green eyes.

Mothwing- handsome brown tom with a moth-shaped splotch of white and blue eyes.

Brownstorm- hansome brown tom with a white muzzle, paws, underbelly, and tail tip and yellow eyes.

Dazzlefur- attractive tortioseshell she-cat with piercing green eyes.

Mudtail- mud-colored she-cat with blue eyes.

Gingertail- a ginger and white she-cat with beautiful firery orange eyes.

Wingtip- sturdy black tom with unusually long claws and amber eyes.


Larkfur- beautiful tortioseshell and white she-cat with dazleing blue eyes.

Sparrowpelt- black covered she-cat with piercing yellow eyes.

Ferretpelt- small brown she-cat with a white muzzle and yellow eyes.

Blackear- a pure white tom with one black ear tip and amber eyes.


Silverpelt- beautiful, lithe, silver tabby she-cat with white paws and blue eyes.

Apprentices (kits more than six moons old and in training to become warriors):

Featherdrift- a silky light gray tom with a feathery coat and beautiful green eyes. In training to become a medicine cat.

Graypaw- light gray tom with darker stripes and yellow eyes.

Shimmerpaw- black she-cat with piercing yellow eyes.

Pebblepaw- pure white she-cat with spots near the muzzle that look like pebbles.

Queens (she-cats nursing or expecting young):

Wingpelt- light gray she-cat with beautiful amber eyes. Mate of Shellstar.

Salmonpelt- an oily black and white she-cat with big blue eyes. Mate of Dullfeather.

Daisyflower- attractive white she-cat with dark gray ear tips. Mate of Whitefang.

Kits (cats less than six moons old):

Fishkit- oily brown and white she-kit with green eyes. Daughter of Wingpelt and Shellstar.

Windkit- fluffy gray tom with one black paw and amber eyes. Son of Wingpelt and Shellstar.

Rockkit- black and brown tom with yellow eyes. Son of Salmonpelt and Dullfeather.

Mistykit- black she-kit with blue eyes. Daughter of Daisyflower and Whitefang.

Stonekit- light gray tom with darker stripes and light green eyes. Son of Daisyflower and Whitefang.

Otterkit- the tallest kit in the nursery, lithe, brown and white tom with amber eyes. Son of Daisyflower and Whitefang.

Cloverkit- beautiful light gray she-kit with blue eyes, blind but great sense of smell. Daughter of Daisyflower and Whitefang.

Elders (warrirs that are now retired):

Miyaflower- still beautiful tortioseshell and white she-cat with green eyes.

Littletail- cranky old gray tom with blue eyes.

Thrushear- brown tom with yellow eyes and small ears, some say as small as a thrush.

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