The Brightest Light Saga is a fanfiction by Warriors Share user Icetalon of RiverClan. The prologue will be released sometime in September 2011. Unlike the Warriors series this saga does not have series of six books, but is just one never-ending series, though there are 'parts', which are the equivalent of books.

The Brightest Light Saga follows the main character, Brightpaw, an unusually large broad tabby tomcat, found lying on the Thunderpath with severe injuries and memory loss. He has no idea who he is or where he came from, and with StealthClan in need of warriors, he is taken in and made a warrior. It is then he discovers a prophecy about him which simply states 'follow the Brightest Light'. After that, he starts recieving dreams about a she-cat, similar in appearance to him, fighting rogue cats and bleeding horribly. But when his own sister turns up on the StealthClan border, he discovers who he really is and he is faced with an agonising decision; stay loyal to his Clan or go on a quest to save his family?


  • Brightpaw is a Scottish Wildcat/feral cat hybrid, hence his strange appearance compared to the other cats.
  • The Brightest Light Saga is set in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Rabbithop is a tortoiseshell and white Japanese Bobtail Cat, hence his odd hopping gait and stumpy tail. In real life male tortoiseshell and whites are extremely rare, and those that have been recorded are usually infertile or slightly homosexual, or both.


The Scottish Wildcat is a real life warrior cat, living only in the wildest parts of the Scottish Highlands. Thanks to Twolegs destroying both them and their territory, there are thought to be only around 400 left. If they don't get help, then this remarkable feline, who survived the Ice Age, fights foxes and even tussles with golden eagles shall be gone forever, with only Twolegs to blame. If you like reading about Brightpaw and the rest of StealthClan, then even a small donation to The Scottish Wildcat Association or another wildcat-related charity would be very much appreciated. Or if you can't do that, please spread the word about the Scottish Wildcat, as so few people know anything about it. Your effort counts.

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