Bravery and Sacrifice: Series 1 Book 1

Author: Splashcloud
Status: Done
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Leader: Burnstar: Black tom with green eyes

Deputy: Riverfall: Ginger tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Snakepaw: White she-cat with blue eyes. Deaf in one ear.

Medicine Cat: Honeybreeze: Gray she-cat with yellow eyes


Grassblaze: mottled light gray tabby tom with green eyes

Foxflower: black and silver tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Apprentice: Antpaw: Tortiseshell tom with green eyes

Fallowstorm: Dark gray tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes

Apprentice: Furpaw: Long haired golden she-cat with green eyes

Littlefang: small ginger tom with blue eyes

Petalfrost: Silver she-cat with amber eyes

Beetlewhisker: Brown long haired tabby with blue eyes.

Lizardcloud: small ginger tom with blue eyes. Looks exactly like his brother Littlefang. He even smells almost the same.

Apprentice: Drinkpaw: White tom with water blue eyes

Yellow-eye: Red tabby with one yellow eye an one green eye.

Owlleap: Brown tabby with a bushy tail and yellow eyes.

Apprentice: Sleeppaw: Gray and brown tabby she-cat with narrow green eyes.

Eveningfern: Smoky black she-cat with green eyes

Badgerscar: Fierce gray tom with a scar on his side from a badger and yellow eyes

Ratfur: tom with short gray fur and amber eyes

Spiderblaze: Gray and black tabby with bright amber eyes.

Hawkwing: Brown tom with green eyes

Thrushfur: Small light brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Moledust: Light brown tabby tom with white paws and amber eyes

Hollowspots: Brown tom with black spots and yellow eyes

Swallowface: Tawny colored she-cat with blue eyes

Leapheart: Sand colored she-cat with green eyes

Spottedfeather: black she-cat with small white spots and yellow eyes

Claw-eye: dark gray mottled tabby tom with one amber eye.

Willowleaf: Pale brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice: Shrewpaw:  small dark brown tom with amber eyes

Flowerbracken: Ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes

Rosestem: Red she-cat with green eyes

Sweetlight: white she-cat with Tortiseshell patches

Mistnose: Black she-cat with a gray nose and amber eyes

Nightwhiskers: Black tom with black whiskers and blue eyes

Pinesong: Red and gray tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Freckleface: Dark brown tom with lighter spots on his face and green eyes

Apprentice: Lightningpaw: Gold she-cat with green eyes and a white stripe down her back.


Brightpoppy: Brown she-cat with black and gray spots along with amber eyes. Expecting Freckleface's kits.

Runinngberry: White she-cat with green eyes. Expecting Spiderblaze's kits.

Goldwing: long haired golden she-cat with white flecks and blue eyes. Expecting Lizardcloud's kits. She is also mother of Sleeppaw, Furpaw, Lightnngpaw and Snakepaw. Her brother is Riverfall.

Sunfire: Gray and white tabby with bright yellow eyes. Expecting Crushedleg's kits.


Crushedleg: Young tom with a crushed back leg. Black with two white front legs and a light gray tail with green eyes. Retired early due to injuring. Original name was Thorntail.

Quickfire: Tan she-cat with white spots and amber eyes. Newest elder.

Bluesmoke: Elderly She-cat with smoky gray fur and blue eyes.

Larkleaf: Old gray tabby she-cat with a black tail and amber eyes.


The moon high above the forest floor was shining down on two cats sitting in a clearing. The white she-cat stood impatiently as she listened to the brown tabby tom talking to her. An owl hooted past and the tom looked up with intense blue eyes. He allowed his fur to lay flat only when he was sure the owl had gone. The she-cat's blue eyes turned to anger as the brown tom commented on something she had said. The marsh where they talked was silent for a second as the tom stopped to think.

"What will we do then?" inquired the she-cat breaking the silence.

"We will rule the clans!" replied the tom.

"We will need spies from the other clans, Digstar," the white she-cat reminded him, flicking her tail impatiently, "I will go and search the other clans for followers."

"And when the other cats start to protest me ruling them, our followers can show themselves, so the other cats know they are beaten." stated Digstar.

"What about the cats who, still refuse?" inquired the white she-cat as she turned her head to one side challenging him to come up with an answer. She repositioned her back legs as they started to sink into the wet ground.

"I will hold them captive Frostwing, and if they escape and I will kill their families,"

Frostwing stared at him with her green eyes intently, "What about the other clans' leaders?"

"I will kill them until they are either dead or have one life left. After we do all of that, SeedClan can rule the forest. Also, when I take over all the clans, I will change our name to ClawClan!" Victory gleamed in Digstar's eyes, his brown tabby fur was ruffled up with anticipation of all the power he would have.

Frostwing flicked her tail in acknowledgement and annoyance, and then she started to trot over to SeedClan's border. Her white fur stood out against the marsh land where SeedClan lived. She entertained herself with thoughts about being second in command of all the cats. Once she got enough followers and stayed loyal to Digstar, he would have to make her deputy, she was sure of it. There was no way he could keep that ancient deputy of his once he controlled everybody. Crookedtail couldn't even see a frog in front of her nose. Crookedtail probably didn't remember what a frog was. She was going to be deputy; all she had to do was make Digstar see that.

Chapter OneEdit

Goldwing slipped out if the nursery. The sun shined down through the trees and onto the warm ground. Her belly was getting too big for her, but her first litter was becoming warriors and she had to watch. She sat down on the ground to wait. Sleeppaw, Furpaw, Lightningpaw, and Snakepaw walked out, their coats were clean and shinning. Sleeppaw used her paw to make a brown and gray tuft of fur on her head to stand up. Her mentor, Owlleap walked by and flattened it with his brown bushy tail. Sleeppaw narrowed her narrow eyes even farther and tried to stick the piece of fur back up. Lizardcloud, Sleeppaw's father, walked up to her and licked her on the top of her head, right after she had managed to make it stick up again. Burnstar walked out of his den in the hollow of a tree and then jumped onto Longbranch, which was the biggest and longest branch on the tree. Snakepaw turned to Burnstar and looked at him happily. Snakepaw had to train harder than the other apprentices, because she was deaf in one ear. On her left side, she could hear better than the other apprentices but on her right side she could hardly hear anything. Furpaw's long golden hair was glowing in the light from the sun. She sat patiently as she waited for Burnstar to start. Lightningpaw struggled to sit still as she waited.

"We have come here today to welcome four new warriors today," began Burnstar, "Snakepaw, Sleeppaw, Lightningpaw, and Furpaw come forward."

Sleeppaw, Furpaw, Lightningpaw and Snakepaw stepped closer until they were directly in front of the tree branch. Their mentors stood beside them.

"Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend your clan with your life?" asked Burnstar.

"I do" replied Snakepaw along with her siblings.

"Snakepaw, from now on you will be known as Snakestream, NettleClan honors your hard work and patience. Furpaw, from now on you will be known as Furfang, NettleClan honors your loyalty and determination. Sleeppaw, from now on you will be known as Sleep-eyes, NettleClan honors your bravery and strength. Lightningpaw, from now on you will be known as Lightningcreek, NettleClan honors your kind heart and your independence," announced Burnstar.

"Snakestream, Furfang, Lightningcreek, Sleep-eyes, Snakestream, Furfang, Lightningcreek, Sleep-eyes!" cheered the clan.

Goldwing looked happily at her daughters who were now warriors. Sleep-eyes, Furfang, Lightningcreek and Snakestream walked over to the middle of the clearing and sat down for their vigilance.

Goldwing went into the nursery to go to sleep; she walked into the hollow tree that made up the nursery. She then padded over to her nest, laid down, curled up and fell asleep.

The next morning, she got up early to get some fresh-kill and she noticed that Eveningfern walked out of dirt-place looking like she hadn't slept all night. ‘’Is she sick?’’ wondered Goldwing, but Eveningfern didn't go into Honeybreeze's den. ‘’Maybe she feels better’’ thought Goldwing. That was when Badgerscar and Fallowstorm both walked out of dirt-place, also looking like they hadn't slept all night. ‘’Is there an illness going around?’’ wondered Goldwing. They all went into the warriors' den to rest. ‘’That is strange’’ noticed Goldwing. She grabbed a thrush from the fresh-kill pile and walked into the nursery to eat.

Runningberry was grooming herself inside the nursery. "Hello," Runningberry greeted Goldwing.

"Hi!" answered Goldwing. A shoot of pain went through Goldwing and she crouched down in agony.

Runningberry looked at Goldwing and darted off to get Honeybreeze. Honeybreeze ran in a minute later with herbs and Lizardcloud came running in after her.

"Is she going to be fine?" inquired Lizardcloud.

"Yes, she will," Honeybreeze reassured Lizardcloud.

Goldwing yelped as a spasm hit her.

"Take deep breathes," Honeybreeze instructed Goldwing.

A ginger kit came out of Goldwing as a contraction came through her. Honeybreeze passed the kit over to Lizardcloud.

"Lick," Honeybreeze ordered Lizardcloud.

Lizardcloud leaned down to lick. Once the ginger kit was breathing steadily he turned to Honeybreeze and saw her pick up another ginger kit and hand it over to him.

Lizardcloud started to lick this kit until he heard Honeybreeze say, "That is it," He turned to see Honeybreeze look at two golden kits. "Four toms"

"How about Russetkit?" asked Goldwing looking at one of the ginger toms.

"Sure," agreed Lizardcloud. He noticed that the other ginger kit had a twisted leg. "I want this kit to be called Emberkit,"

Goldwing shook her head in agreement and then turned to Honeybreeze. "Will he be able to be a warrior?"

Honeybreeze inspected Emberkit's leg, "He should be, but I don't know for sure."

Goldwing picked up the golden tom by his scruff and put him next to her belly. The tom tried to get up, but then fell down. "Fallenkit,"

Lizardcloud took Emberkit and put him with Fallenkit. He then reached over to Russetkit and placed him next to Emberkit.

Honeybreeze grabbed the last kit, and put him with the rest, "This one is really weak, I don't know if he will survive."

"Lionkit," decided Goldwing. She curled her tail around them as they started to suckle.

Two moons later Runningberry had given birth to a white she-cat with green eyes who she named Applekit. Her mate Spiderblaze came everyday to play with his one kit. Brightpoppy had two she-cats and one tom. Her two daughters, Morningkit and Silverkit both died. Her son, Eaglekit a dark brown tom with gray spots on his face, kept following Applekit around. Sunfire's two kits, Thornkit a black tom and Lilykit, a gray tabby were trying new and creative ways to sneak out of camp. Eveningfern has been expecting Badgerscar's kits for one moon. Fallowstorm had also been expecting kits for one moon. No one knows who Fallowstorm's mate was and no one came to visit her. Goldwing watched from the entrance of the nursery as Emberkit struggled to walk over to Russetkit while Lionkit weakly followed. Emberkit and Lionkit would never leave each other's side. When Lionkit had been too weak to play Emberkit had stayed in the nursery by his side. Eaglekit was right behind Applekit as usual. Eaglekit was one and a half moons old which made Applekit the same age though he was half her size. Applekit was bigger than Goldwing's kits who were half a moon older then her. Thornkit and Lilykit were talking quietly in a corner of the nursery. They probably were thinking up another way to get out of camp. Both of them at a moon old had tired more than most kits at six moons old to escape from camp.

"Are you discussing how to get out of camp again?" inquired Sunfire.

Lilykit looked innocently at her with her blue eyes, "No" she meowed sweetly. She turned back to her brother.

Emberkit was trying to run, but his twisted leg was making it hard. He stopped and looked down at his front left leg which was his twisted leg. Lionkit sat down next to him panting.

"I give up," declared Emberkit sitting down, "I am just going to sit here forever."

Lionkit leaned against his brother glad to stop.

Goldwing purred. Emberkit said that most days, but when Goldwing got up in the morning he would be trying to run with Lionkit following him as best as he could.

Russetkit was racing after Fallenkit. Russetkit and Fallenkit never played with Emberkit and Lionkit whenever they could. Goldwing kept trying to convince them to play with Emberkit and Lionkit, but when she looked away they would go off to play with themselves.

Russetkit and Fallenkit almost never listened to Goldwing or Lizardcloud and preferred to ignore them.

Goldwing watched as Littlefang, Lizardcloud's brother walked out of the warriors' den. Almost no one could tell them apart, but Goldwing always seemed to know. She watched as Riverfall, the deputy, walked over to Littlefang and put him on a patrol thinking he was Lizardcloud. Littlefang nodded his head and kindly told Riverfall that he wasn't Lizardcloud, but he would go on the patrol anyway. Riverfall nodded in agreement and walked over to Goldwing.

"I don't know how you can tell those two apart," commented Riverfall.

"I just know," answered Goldwing. She looked over to Emberkit who had started trying to run again. Lionkit slowly followed. Emberkit stopped to let Lionkit rest.

Riverfall sat next to his sister and watched her kits for a few minutes, and then he got up. "I have to go arrange patrols," he told Goldwing.

Goldwing watched her brother walk off. She noticed Fallowstorm walk out of camp. /I wonder where she is going/ wondered Goldwing.

"Can you watch my kits while I go on a walk?" Goldwing asked Runningberry.

"Sure," replied Runningberry and then to Goldwing's kits she called, "While your mother is gone I am in charge,"

Goldwing went out of camp. The sun right above her head shone through the trees. There were no bushes or thorns in NettleClan's territory, so Goldwing followed Fallowstorm a ways off. It felt good to be out of camp. Her legs were stiff. A bird flew to the ground to eat a seed and Goldwing yearned to hunt it. Her powerful leg muscles wanted to jump at the bird, but Goldwing was curious where Fallowstorm was going. Fallowstorm's scent headed towards SeedClan's border. SeedClan was one of the respected clans, though everyone always had a feeling that something was wrong with SeedClan. They always seemed to know the best times to attack and they never looked thin or hungry even in the harshest leaf-bare. Fallowstorm's scent went across SeedClan's border to a marshy clearing. Goldwing peeked through the bushes and into the clearing, so no one would see her. Digstar was there along with his deputy Crookedtail. Crookedtail was a really old she-cat that could barely see or hear and had a bent tail. Fallowstorm was next to Digstar looking content and purring. Frostwing, a white she-cat Goldwing knew from gatherings was there looking really mad. She was looking straight at Fallowstorm and Digstar. Looking around the clearing, Goldwing noticed some more cats from NettleClan which included Eveningfern and Badgerscar. All of SeedClan's warriors seemed to be in the clearing. There were also cats from FishClan. None of the cats Goldwing could see were from TunnelClan.

"I have an announcement to make," began Digstar, "When I take over the clans, my deputy will be Fallowstorm,"

The cats in the clearing cheered and Frostwing narrowed her eyes while unsheathing her claws. She slid them back in when the cats had done cheering.

"Since none of the cats from TunnelClan will join me, I have secretly captured their leader, Rabbitstar! I will kill her until she has one life left to show her our power. She claims she has eight lives left and if she lied I will kill her completely! Also, if she dare tells this to the other leaders, I will kill every cat in her clan."

A light brown she-cat was dragged into the middle of the clearing. Goldwing could barely recognized Rabbitstar from where she was standing. The young leader was covered in blood and it looked like she had put up a fight when being captured.

"Fallowstorm, kill Rabbitstar seven times," Digstar ordered his mate.

Fallowstorm walked up to Rabbitstar. Two cats held her down as Fallowstorm slit her throat. Blood trickled down Rabbitstar's throat and she wailed in pain. The screams reached Goldwing's ears and shock made her unable to move. Rabbitstar went into the trance of losing a life. Once she came out of the trance Fallowstorm was waiting for her and slit her throat again. Shrieks of agony came from Rabbitstar. More and more blood came from her throat. Rabbitstar went into the healing trance and went out only to go back in again. She fought for breath as she died again and again. Rabbitstar's screams caused Goldwing to feel as if her heart had stopped. Time seemed to stretch out as the shrieks continued. Rabbitstar's entire fur was covered in blood. The stench reached Goldwing's nose along with the scent of fear. The leader of TunnelClan kept on dying until she had died seven times. Once that had happened Digstar signaled with his tail for Fallowstorm to stop. Most of the cats in the clearing looked shocked at what had happened. Some of them looked as if they wanted to leave, but knew they couldn't

"This is a message to any of you who thought of leaving. I do not tolerate defectors. This meeting is over," stated Digstar.

Rabbitstar was dragged out of the bloody clearing. Goldwing realized that she couldn't be caught. She forced her leg muscles to move and darted out of there. Once she was near camp she forced herself to stop and calm down. There was no way anyone would believe her. Goldwing was having trouble calming down, so she decided to hunt. A thrush flew down to the ground next to her and she leapt towards it, catching the thrush before it could fly off. Movement to the left of her revealed a dove that Goldwing also caught. She picked up her prey and went into camp. No one noticed how agitated she was when she walked into camp. Goldwing managed to make herself calm by the time she reached the nursery. Runningberry was at the entrance throwing a moss ball around with Goldwing's kits and her kit, Applekit. Eaglekit sat near them watching Applekit.

"How was your walk?" inquired Runningberry.

"Good," lied Goldwing. She walked over to her nest, laid down, and fell asleep.

Chapter TwoEdit

"Emberpaw, Lionpaw, Fallenpaw, Russetpaw, Antleap, Shrewleg, Drinkecho, Emberpaw, Lionpaw, Fallenpaw, Russetpaw, Antleap, Shrewleg, Drinkecho!" cheered the clan.

Emberpaw stood next to his mentor, Grassblaze. Lionpaw's mentor was Burnstar, Fallenpaw's mentor was Flowerbracken and Russetpaw's mentor was Spottedfeather. Fallowstorm's four kits, Diggingkit, Pigeonkit, Stemkit, and Marigoldkit were four moons old. Eveningfern's thee kits, Bluekit, Scarkit, and Heartkit, were born the same day as Fallowstorm's kits. Mistnose gave birth to Moledust's kit, Snowkit, two sunrises ago. Yellow-eye had been expecting Burnstar's kits for two moons and was close to giving birth. Rosestem had been expecting Pinesong's kits for one moon. Thornkit had stopped trying to escape camp and had started following Honeybreeze around. Emberpaw had heard Honeybreeze telling Burnstar that Thornkit would be a wonderful medicine cat.

Emberpaw turned to Grassblaze, "What are we going to do?"

"I am going to show you NettleClan's territory," answered Grassblaze.

Grassblaze took off through the forest with Emberpaw following him. Emberpaw had learned how to run with his twisted leg and could run as well as Russetpaw and Fallenpaw. The sun shone through the branches in the trees creating light on the forest floor. Birds sang in the trees and Emberpaw longed to be able to hunt one. /I'll learn how to hunt later/ he reminded himself, right now he was exploring his territory! Grassblaze stopped were a lush marsh began. Ferns and bushes covered the marsh.

"This is SeedClan," explained Grassblaze.

"How can they move around with so many bushes in their territory?" inquired Emberpaw. There were almost no bushes in NettleClan. Cats in NettleClan jump over large distances for birds.

"They are use to bushes," answered Grassblaze. "Breathe deeply so you can remember their smell."

Harsh scents came to him as he smelled SeedClan's scent. "That smells terrible!"

"You will never forget the scent now," commented Grassblaze. Grassblaze stood up and started off along the border.

Emberpaw noticed as the marsh next to them turned to moorland.

"TunnelClan lives here," stated Emberpaw’s mentor.

Emberpaw smelled in deeply as he had done at the SeedClan border. "TunnelClan's scent smells a little bit like rabbit," noticed Emberpaw. He caught a glimpse of three cats "Hey! Who are they?"

"The light brown she-cat with blue eyes is Rabbitstar. She hasn't been seen at gatherings for a few moons. The gray tabby is Whitebreeze the deputy. The silver cat looks like Cavefall, the medicine cat."

"They look like they are heading here," stated Emberpaw.

Grassblaze looked towards the cats as Emberpaw spoke. "It does," he stated. "Let's go back to camp and tell Burnstar that a few TunnelClan cats might be going on our territory,"

Emberpaw turned around and ran towards camp with Grassblaze following him. The sounds of birds chirping turned to anguish wails as they neared camp. The smell of blood, death, and fear caught Emberpaw's attention when he reached the fern tunnel to the camp. He turned his head to notice a worried look on Grassblaze's face. Pushing through the ferns, he recognized Yellow-eye's limp body. A fern poked his eye and Emberpaw's vision went watery for a second until he could see that she was covered in blood. Burnstar stood next to her, his eyes full with pain as he lifted his head and wailed in agony. The great leader Emberpaw had known looked frail and defeated. A dead white kit lay next to Yellow-eye. Emberpaw came out of the fern entrance walked over to the entrance of the nursery and saw Honeybreeze and Thornkit both licking a kit trying to make them breath.

"Will they live," inquired Burnstar as he turned anxiously to Honeybreeze.

"Yes," commented Honeybreeze softly. "Tell Mistnose that we need her,"

Burnstar glanced at Mistnose. Mistnose walked over as she knew what she needed to do.

"I will take care of them," Mistnose reassured Burnstar.

"Wait!" shouted Thornkit, "This one is still alive!"

The white she-cat that lay next to Yellow-eye's dead body had started to breath.

"Bring her over here," Honeybreeze ordered Thornkit.

Thornkit picked up the kit by her scruff and carried her over. Honeybreeze looked at the kit and began to lick. After a few seconds of licking the kit's breathing got stronger until Honeybreeze stopped licking.

"She will live," announced Honeybreeze.

Burnstar sighed with relief. He walked over to the white she-cat. "Her name will be Deadkit to remind all of us how close to death we are," He walked over to a small tom that looked like his mother, "His name will be Yellowkit to honor his dead mother." He looked at the last kit, a silver tabby she-cat, "Whisperkit" He picked up Whisperkit and gave her to Mistnose. Mistnose picked the kit up and walked to the nursery. Honeybreeze grabbed another kit and so did Thornkit. As they walked into the nursery, Burnstar stopped and muttered barely loud enough for Emberpaw to hear, "Whisperkit for the whispers of death I have been hearing, but not listening to,"

Emberpaw stood in astonishment. What whispers of death did Burnstar hear. /Mouse-dung! I have not told him about Rabbitstar/ realized Emberpaw. He walked into the nursery and saw Fallowstorm's kits and Eveningfern's kits watching Burnstar. Mistnose lay in a corner with her kit and Burnstar's kits curled up next to her.

Honeybreeze turned to Burnstar, "Your kits are safe now,"

Burnstar nodded his head. Honeybreeze left the nursery.

Emberpaw went towards Burnstar until he was right next to him. "We saw a patrol of TunnelClan cats heading towards NettleClan's territory. They had their medicine cat with them."

Burnstar glanced down at Emberpaw then turned to Mistnose, "I have to leave,"

Mistnose looked up at him, "Okay,"

Burnstar left the nursery and Emberpaw followed. He located his brother, Lionpaw near the leader's den and ran over to him. "What happened?" inquired Emberpaw.

"Burnstar was about to take me to the small meadow to learn how to hunt, but then Yellow-eye began to give birth," began Lionpaw, "A lot of blood started to come out of her. I could hardly see what was happening, and then she died. A first we thought Deadkit was dead, so we put her next to her mother, then you came back so you saw that she wasn't dead."

Emberpaw smelled TunnelClan and turned to see Rabbitstar along with her patrol enter the camp.

"Who are they and what are they doing here?" questioned Lionpaw.

"I was exploring the territory with my mentor and saw them come towards NettleClan. They are TunnelClan, and Grassblaze told me that the light brown cat is Rabbitstar." explained Emberpaw.

Lilykit walked out if the nursery and then ran over to Lionpaw, "What are they doing here?"

"I don't know," replied Lionpaw.

The TunnelClan cats went into the leader's den along with Burnstar.

Petalfrost, and Beetlewhisker sat on the side of the camp next to the warriors den talking, then Petalfrost roamed over to Firepaw.

"When will Burnstar be done talking to TunnelClan?" inquired Petalfrost.

"I don't know, why?" questioned Emberpaw.

"I am expecting Beetlewhisker's kits, and I need to tell Burnstar that I am moving to the nursery. I just hope that I don't have the same fate as Yellow-eye,"

Emberpaw looked towards the cats sitting vigilance for Yellow-eye. A few of them looked shock as if they hadn't expected this to happen. "Good thing that deaths like this usually don't happen,"

Petalfrost nodded in agreement. "Yellow-eye was nice and never failed to help other cats out. After I talk to Burnstar I will go sit vigil for her,"

Rabbitstar and the rest of her patrol advanced out of Burnstar's den and went out of camp. Petalfrost walked into Burnstar's den, and Grassblaze walked over to Emberpaw.

"Because of Yellow-eye's death we will finish exploring NettleClan's territory tomorrow,"

Emberpaw nodded in agreement and wandered over to the apprentice den. Finding an unused nest he curled up asleep.

Chapter ThreeEdit

"Thornpaw do you wish to become a medicine cat?" inquired Burnstar

"Yes," replied Thornpaw.

"Then your mentor will be Honeybreeze,"

Thornpaw nodded and then touched noses with his mentor. His sister, Lilypaw looked elated to be an apprentice. Her mentor, Riverfall stood next to her. Applepaw and Eaglepaw had been made apprentices half a moon ago. Goldwing was mentoring Applepaw while Willowleaf was Eaglepaw's mentor. Rosestem stood next to her day old kits, Ryekit and Berrykit. Whisperkit, Deadkit, Yellowkit, and Snowkit all a moon old stood by longingly.

"Can we be apprentices now?" Snowkit asked her mother, Mistnose.

"You have to wait until you are six moons old.

Lionpaw turned to admire Lilypaw. Her beautiful gray tabby fur shone in the sunlight and her soft blue eyes sparkled.

"You love her don't you?"

Lionpaw turned around startled, behind him was Emberpaw. Lionpaw had grown strong in the last moon and was bigger than Emberpaw now.

"No I don't," stated Lionpaw trying to convince his brother.

"You look moony," commented Emberpaw.

"No I don't," insisted Lionpaw.

"Yeah you do," Emberpaw's eyes were full of laughter.

Lionpaw started towards the apprentice's den. He did like Lilypaw, but there was no way he was going to admit that to his brother. Lionpaw curled up to sleep.

A moon later, Lionpaw was in camp relaxing after being on the dawn patrol. While Marigoldpaw and her mentor, Snakestream walked out of camp to train, Stempaw waited for her mentor, Furfang. Heartpaw and her mentor, Owlleap were on a border patrol with Ratfur and his apprentice, Bluepaw. Scarpaw walked into camp with her mentor, Littlefang. Pigeonpaw walked into camp carrying a dove and a thrush followed by Thrushfur, his mentor. Diggingpaw walked out of the apprentices' her mentor, Sleep-eyes found out she was expecting kits three days ago four days after Diggingpaw had been made an apprentice. Her new mentor, Moledust was excited to have his first apprentice. Burnstar started out of the nursery, his kits followed him.

"Stay and play more with us!" exclaimed Whisperkit.

"I have to train my apprentice and run my clan," explained Burnstar, "I will play with you tomorrow."

Whisperkit and her siblings ran back into the nursery. Burnstar walked over to Lionpaw. "I want you to go hunting and catch as much as you can."

Lionpaw nodded and then went to the camp entrance. Petalfrost's ten day old kits, Softkit, Ashkit and Robinkit stuck their heads out of the nursery to watch cats in the clearing. Lionpaw started to run as soon as he left the camp. The sun felt warm on his golden pelt as he began to head towards the SeedClan border. Two trees stood in his way and he walked around them only to find Emberpaw in his way.

"What are you doing here?" inquired Emberpaw.

"Hunting," replied Lionpaw, "What are you doing here?"

"I am also hunting, but I found something. Come and see." stated Emberpaw.

He dashed off through the trees with Lionpaw following him. Emberpaw stopped where Lionpaw could smell Fallowstorm. Emberpaw began to advance closer to the SeedClan border until her sent crossed it.

"Once we get over the border, you need to keep quiet," Emberpaw ordered Lionpaw. Lionpaw quietly weaves though the bushes in SeedClan's territory. ‘’How can they stand bushes in their way’’ wondered Lionpaw. The sun was making him feel hot and was glad whenever a tree shaded them.

"How much farther?" whispered Lionpaw.

"Almost there," Emberpaw quietly replied.

Lionpaw emerged from the bushes to see a large clearing. Emberpaw pulled him back by the scruff.

"No so far forward," he hissed.

Lionpaw crouched next to his brother. Cats from all clans were in the clearing. Digstar sat on a rock on the side of the clearing, talking to Fallowstorm. Digstar then turned his head to the cats.

"We have found a traitor in our ranks," he announced.

Two black cats dragged in a ginger she-cat. Two kits staggered behind her.

"Snowjay is a traitor to us all. She told Minnowstream, the deputy of FishClan about our plans unaware that he was one of my followers. Now she must pay the price. Fallowstorm kill her."

Lionpaw watched in horror as Fallowstorm walked into the clearing with her claws unsheathed. Terror made him look away as Snowjay shrieked in pain. Her kits' cries echoed around the cats. Lionpaw turned back to see Snowjay covered in blood and her kits huddling against her.

"Jaykit and Streamkit will be taken care of in SeedClan and they will join us or die. Their names will now be Terrorkit and Fiercekit," ordered Digstar. He turned to two FishClan cats. "Tell Troutstar that a badger attacked her and killed her,"

The two cats that Digstar talked to picked up Snowjay's body and began to drag her to their camp.

"We have to get out of here," hissed Lionpaw.

Emberpaw nodded in shock, "I just smelled Fallowstorm's scent go into SeedClan, I never thought that I would see this,"

Chapter fourEdit

"Snowpaw, Whisperpaw, Deadpaw Yellowpaw, Emberfall, Fallenhope, Lionbreeze, Russetstripe, Snowpaw Whisperpaw, Deadpaw, Yellowpaw, Emberfall, Fallenhope, Lionbreeze, Russetstripe!"

Softkit watched from the shadows of the nursery as the clan cheered for the new warriors and apprentices. Rosestem's kits, Berrykit and Ryekit were looking out of the nursery excited. Both of them were to become apprentices on a moon. Sleep-eye had given birth to two dead toms and a she-kit who survived named Frecklekit. Foxflower became a queen a few sunrises after, Sleep-eyes gave birth, and her kits were Quailkit, Mosskit, Pricklekit, Swiftkit, and Kinkkit. Snakestream had become a queen a moon after Sleep-eyes and her apprentice, Marigoldpaw was given to Beetlewhisker. Snakestream's kits, Firekit and Leopardkit were two moons old. Snowpaw walked out of the camp, her mentor, Shrewleg, followed behind her along with Deadpaw and her mentor, Drinkecho.

"Can you teach me how to hunt?" Yellowpaw yelled to Antleap, his mentor.

"Sure," Antleap called back.

"I am going to show you NettleClan's territory," Lightningcreek announced to Whisperpaw, her apprentice.

Softkit admired Emberfall's ginger coat and his beautiful icy blue eyes. He sat in the clearing for his vigilance along with his siblings. Softkit had loved Emberfall from the time she first saw him. His patience and love to his brother, Lionbreeze made her love him even more. She laid down content for the moment, staring at Emberfall.

"Softpaw, Robinpaw, Ashpaw, Marigoldstem, Stemsong, Scarheart, Heartspirit, Blue-eyes, Pigeonwing, Diggingsky!" called the cats.

Lilysky, Applefern, and Eaglestike looked longingly at the new apprentices. All of them had been warriors for around a moon. Softpaw stood next to her mentor, Emberfall. Her sister, Robinpaw stood next to her mentor, Fallenhope. Ashpaw her brother looked happy to be Lionbreeze's apprentice. Berrypaw waited for his mentor, Spiderblaze to take him on a hunting patrol.

"Where is Ryepaw?" inquired Swallowface, looking for his apprentice.

"Here!" answered the brown tabby apprentice walking out of the elders den, "You told me to clean out the elders' den, remember?"

"I remember now," replied Swallowface.

"I am going to teach you how to fight," Emberfall told his silver tabby apprentice.

"Sure!" answered Softpaw. She twitched her tail excitedly.

Emberfall took off through the forest and Softpaw followed. The light from the sun warmed her pelt. The endless sea of trees in front of her made her wonder how big NettleClan’s territory was. The only bushes that seemed to be in NettleClan's territory to Softpaw's opinion seemed to only be around the camp. The bare ground turned to moss as she arrived at the training arena. Emberfall walked over to a tree. He jumped up into the tree with claws unsheathed and held on. Using his back legs, he pushed off and landed a few fox-leaps away from the tree on his feet.

"This is used whenever you are surrounded near a tree. You use this when you need to get away. Now let me she you try."

Softpaw unsheathed her claws and jumped up and hung onto the tree. Her whiskers brushed the tree trunk as she turned her face to find a good place to land. Right behind her was a barren spot of land that she didn't want to land on. Next to it was a nice piece of moss. Pushing as hard as she could with her hind legs, she pushed off the tree. Softpaw realized that she had aimed wrong. Landing on her back with a thud on the hard ground, Softpaw groaned. She got back up on her feet and walked over to Emberfall.

"That was better than my first try," commented Emberfall, "Grassblaze had me do it on that tree over there," He pointed with his tail to a tree surrounded by rocks. "Missed the spot I was aiming for and landed on a rock. One piece of advice I have for you is it is better to land on your feet then to land where you intended to land. When you are lying on the ground after you landed on your back, it is easier for an enemy cat to get to you..."

Softpaw listened patiently as her mentor explained a few more tips. The sun started to set and Softpaw followed her mentor out of camp.

Softpaw woke up two moons later to yelling in the camp. Firepaw and Leopardpaw, the newest apprentices jumped to their feet. Firepaw's mentor, Freckleface, ran into the nursery.

"All apprentices are needed outside," then he turned to Firepaw and Leopardpaw, "you two are going to stay in camp with me, the queens and elders.

"Is Mistnose going to fight?" inquired Leopardpaw.

"Yes," replied Freckleface.

"But why can't I go with my mentor?"

"You have only been an apprentice for two sunrises,"

Softpaw weaved her way through the other sleepy apprentices and out into the clearing. The other apprentices came after her. A half moon shone on the forest.

"Softpaw, Berrypaw, Littlefang, Goldwing, Fallowstorm, Furfang, Ratfur, Spiderblaze, and Thrushfur are going to wait in the trees by the training arena. The rest of you, chase the intruders towards them so they get caught in our ambush." called Burnstar.

Honeybreeze handed Thornpaw some herbs and he joined Softpaw's patrol. Honeybreeze grabbed more herbs and she joined the other patrol. Softpaw set out through the forest. Excitement ran through her. This was her first battle! When she and the other cats reached the trees near the training arena, they stopped.

"Everyone is to pick their own tree," called Littlefang, "Once the cats are chased here, we will jump out of the trees and onto the intruders!"

Softpaw located a medium height birch tree. She climbed up the tree and onto a branch. Keeping as silent as possible, she crept the farthest she dared to go near the edge of the branch. As she waited, battle cries rang through the forest. The sound got closer and closer until the intruders where forced below the trees. Softpaw's clan mates dropped from the trees around her and onto the intruders. Aiming for a black SeedClan tom she dropped through the air. She stretched her front paws out and flicked her opponent onto his back. Landing on his belly, she sliced her claws on his belly. Blood splattered her claws. Softpaw jumped off him and he ran off into the night. Softpaw turned around to see two huge cats running after her. She went to fight them, but realized she had an advantage if she was in a tree. Waiting for them to get closer, she jumped back onto the tree and up into a low branch. The two cats stopped under the branch. Holding on with her front paws, she swung her back legs into one of the cat's face, creating a gash on his head where blood started to spill out. Softpaw lifted herself back up and began climbing higher. The other cat, a white she-cat, started to climb after her. Softpaw pushed off with her back legs and jumped off the tree, landing a good distance away. The she-cat tried to imitate her, but landed on her back. As Softpaw ran back to fight her, a SeedClan cat called for them to retreat. She stopped to let the cat leave.

The white cat got up and hissed, "Don't think you are safe. I will come back to get you. Beware of me, Frostwing,"

Frostwing limped off and Softpaw turned to see Ashpaw walked towards her.

"We showed those SeedClan cats. You should have seen the look on one of the SeedClan cat's face as he saw that we had led them into a trap," he declared.

Softpaw nodded to her brother and followed the rest of the cats, back to camp.

Chapter FiveEdit

Robinfeather looked around at her siblings. Sitting in the cold in the middle of leaf-bare was the last thing she had wanted to do for her warrior vigilance. Cold snow crunched under her feet as she readjusted her hind paws. The moon was covered by clouds. Softflower and Ashberry sat next to her. Ryecloud, Whisperwing, and Berryflight left on a patrol. Snowfang sat on guard. Yellowsong and Deadspirit walked into camp and went into the warriors den. Sleep-eyes' kit, Frecklekit's mentor was Russetstripe. Foxflower's kits were apprentices too. Kinkpaw's mentor was Runningberry while Quailpaw's mentor was Lilysky. Eaglesky was elated to have his first apprentice, Pricklepaw. Swiftpaw was Applefern's apprentice. Mosspaw had Sunfire as a mentor. Robinfeather looked to where Fallenhope, her love slept. Robinfeather was glad to have had a great mentor.

Robinfeather got up five moons later. Leopardfire, Fireflower, Kinkfeather, Mosscreek Swiftstrike, Prickleflight, Quailwing, and Frecklefur were now warriors. There were no expecting queens at the moment. ‘’Well at least there use to be no expecting queens’’ She emerged from the warriors den and saw Fallenhope in the clearing. She walked over to him.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" she inquired. Her tail twitched excitedly.

"Sure," purred Fallenhope.

They started out through the forest. Robinfeather walked until she got to a nice shady spot. Sitting down she motioned with her tail for Fallenhope to stop.

"Is there something wrong?" asked Fallenhope worried.

"No," answered Robinfeather. "I am expecting your kits"

Fallenhope's eyes widened in delight.

One and a half moons later, Robinfeather was at a gathering along with Softflower, and Applefern. Softflower and Applefern both had been expecting kits for one moon. Thornpaw had gotten his full medicine cat name, Thornheart. Burnstar had taken all his queens to the gathering to show SeedClan that NettleClan was growing stronger. Burnstar was the first leader to speak. Digstar had requested to go last, and Robinfeather was curious to know why.

"Cats of all clans I am now the leader of all clans, anyone who objects will be held prisoner!" declared Digstar.

Gasps of shock came from the cats at the gathering. Robinfeather looked for her mate. She saw him sitting content at the edge of the cats. She could tell by the look on his face that he had known this was going to happen all along.

"I will give you three days to be with your clan before I take over. All medicine cats will have to become warriors, expect for SeedClan's medicine cat. From now on, we will be known as ClawClan. My deputy will be Fallowstorm."

More shocked gasps echoed around the clearing. Robinfeather walked over to Fallenhope, her large belly was making it difficult to walk.

"Hello," purred Fallenhope.

"How could you side with him? Your pride will tear us apart!" shouted Robinfeather.

She struggled back over to Softflower and Applefern.

Lizardcloud walked up to Digstar. "I'd like to see you try!"

"This will be a perfect example of what happens if you go against my leadership," stated Digstar. Two black cats emerged from the shadows launching themselves onto Lizardcloud. Lizardcloud began to be covered in blood as he tried to fight them off. He darted out from underneath them and ran out of the gathering. The two cats started to follow, but came back defeated.

"Anyone related to Lizardcloud is now my prisoner, he must come back or I will kill his family!" declared Digstar.

Chapter SixEdit

Lilysky was on the moorland towards the forest that used to be NettleClan's territory. A moon had pasted and Lilysky was getting more and more worried. She had seen the condition the nursery was now located in the old FishClan camp. Queens were fighting over a scrap of food. Any cat that was expecting kits had to sleep there. Lilysky knew that someone would find out she was expecting Lionbreeze's kits. She didn't even dare to tell him. For a moon now she had been pregnant. When they were leaving from the gathering, guards went with each clan to make sure no cat escaped. Robinfeather, Riverfall, Honeybreeze and Littlefang had managed to escape. Digstar had come into the camp, and killed the guard right there and then. Robinfeather was lucky to not live in the nursery they had now. Softflower was a prisoner in the old SeedClan camp until they could kill Lizardcloud. She had heard no one cleaned out the prisoners' den and they got two pieces of fresh-kill a day for all cats. Softflower gave birth to Hopekit and Bravekit. Digstar changes the names to Screamkit and Shriekkit; though Softflower made sure they knew their real names. Applefern gave birth to Fernkit and Strikekit. Mates are only allowed in the nursery once a day to bring food and then leave. A black cat followed behind her. Every cat had to take a guard with them. Lilysky located a thrush in front of her. She crept forward silently until she was four fox-lengths away from the bird. She leaped up into the air, as the bird began to flap its wings. She hooked it with her claws as she flew to the ground. Killing it with a bite to the neck, she began to eat. She had tried to take back food for Lionbreeze, but someone always stole it. She had learned to eat fast and whenever she could. Frostwing walked over to her. Being one of Digstar only trusted cats gave her the right to do what she wanted. His other trusted cats were Fallowstorm, Minnowstream, and Fallenhope. If Robinfeather was to see her mate now, she would have never loved him at all.

"I demand one frog and a mouse." demanded Frostwing.

Lilysky nodded. She had seen cats killed because they didn't listen to her. Frostwing was starting to get big, partly because she was expecting Minnowstream's kits, and partly because of all the fresh-kill she was eating. Lilysky knew that the only reason Frostwing was expecting Minnowstream's kits were to get more power.

Lilysky headed off into the deep underground and waited. A mouse came by and Lilysky hopped on it. Picking it up with her mouth she walked over to Frostwing and set it down.

"Too skinny," called Frostwing.

Lilysky went back to hunting. This was going to take all day.

Chapter SevenEdit

Goldwing lay in the nursery. She had been there for two moons now. Softflower's kits Hopekit and Bravekit played in a corner. Whenever Digstar wasn't around, everyone in the prisoners' den called the kits by their correct name. Noticing more cat then usual come into the clearing, she stopped to look. Past the sea of cats that came she saw her mate, Lizardcloud! ‘’No! That isn't Lizardcloud, that is Littlefang!’’ realized Goldwing, but the cats bringing him in thought so. Littlefang turned to look at Goldwing. The look he gave her made her realize that he had gave himself up so she and her family could live together. Also, she knew that no one expect her would know until peace came.

Chapter EightEdit

Littlefang walked into the clearing surrounded by the guards. No of them knew who he really was. No of them would know until peace had come. He was shoved into a den separate from his brother's family. Silence filled him as he sat there knowing he would die tomorrow. There was nothing anyone could do. He was doing this for his brother. Littlefang had never loved anyone. ‘’This is for peace!’’ The knowledge that he was going to die shocked him; he had impersonated his brother to die. He told the guard he was Lizardcloud and there was no way he was telling them otherwise. If he did, his brother would die. His family would live on without him, but they would still have Lizardcloud. Littlefang was more of an outcast, he never made any friends. Though, he had one wonderful trait. That trait was loyalty. He was loyal to his brother, and if he didn't do this, Lizardcloud's kits would live without a father. He knew that Goldwing was going to have another litter even if she didn't know yet. That litter needed their father. Also, of he did this, they would have a better chance of escape. This place was where there were always three guards who would kill them if they tried to leave was no place to live. He could smell the rotten prey in the other den. The day went by and Littlefang thought about how he was going to die. A black she-cat was shoved into the den.

"Are you also going to die tomorrow?" she asked.

"Yes," replied Littlefang, his voice flat and emotionless.

By the time the moon had risen, a brown apprentice had been also taken into the den. His shrieks filled Littlefang's head. His screams pierced the night. The tom was as barely as big as an apprentice. To die so young was something Littlefang never wanted to happen to anyone except Digstar.

The early sun rose onto the den. The cats were dragged into a clearing. All of Digstar's supporters were there. The apprentice was dragged into the clearing first.

"Help!" he shrieked as a claw ran across his throat. Blood spilled into the clearing. The black she-cat was next and she too, died. Littlefang was dragged up next. He stared Fallowstorm into the eyes and she went to kill him.

"I am far better then you,"

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