Brackenshade - handsome, large, broad-shouldered, thick-furred, unusually spotted mottled brown tabby tom with white chest, muzzle, paws, underbelly and under-tail; and ice-blue eyes

Appearances Edit

Darkening CloudsEdit

Status: Deceased
Current: StarClan
Past: BlizzardClan, RiverClan
Kit: Brackenkit
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Brackenpaw
Medicine Cat: Brackenshade
Loner: Brackenshade
Mother: Morningfire
Father: Cloudstar
Sister: Blizzardstar
Living: Darkening Clouds
Dead: Darkening Clouds
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Avalanchestrike

Chapter 1 and 4 ~ He is BlizzardClan's Medicine cat and is a aware of his sister, Blizzardstar is expecting kits and tells her that Stormblade is training the Dark Forest.

Chapter 7 ~ He helps Blizzardstar give birth, but loses his life when Sandstormstar kills him. At the same moment, Blizzardstar's second son is born.

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