Leader: Featherstar - beautiful silver she-cat

Deputy: Mudpath - Brown tom

Medicine Cat: Rowanfur - old golden tom


Frogfish - grey tom with green eyes Moonface - Black tom with a white muzzle

Thrushwing - Cream tom with amber eyes

Sweetflower - Tortoiseshell she-cat

Darktooth - Grey tom

Maplebreeze - ginger she-cat

Willowshade - grey tom with blue eyes

Minnowfeather - Brown furred she-cat

Swiftstorm - Black she-cat

Dapplefoot - light tortoiseshell tom

Brightclaw - firery she-cat


Dawnpaw - cream tom Skypaw - grey she-cat

Blackpaw - Red tom with a striking black nose and amber eyes


Spottedberry - tortoiseshell she-cat expecting Dapplefoot's kits Riversplash - beautiful blue she-cat nursing Thrushwing's kit: Toadkit (black and cream tomkit with green eyes)

Lilypool - white she-cat with blue eyes nursing Moonface's kits:Bluekit (Blue tom with a silver muzzle), Gorsekit: (White tom with a grey tail) and Shellkit (white tom with green eyes)


Dustcloud - light brown she-cat Owlfeather - pale grey tom

Nightfeather - black tom


Leader: Leafstar - Brown tabby tom with amber eyes Deputy: Lionfur - Golden she-cat with blue-grey eyes

Medicine Cat: Asheye - Blind grey she-cat


Starlightshade - Brown she-cat Apprentice: Smokepaw

Speckleclaw - Misty blue tom

Vineheart - grey tom

Pikeleaf - Old golden tom with blue eyes

Berryshine - Light grey, almost white she-cat

Apprentice: Heatherpaw

Waterfoot - Blue she-cat


Larkmoon - silvery grey she-cat nursing Pikeleaf’s kits: (Brackenkit: Magnificent golden tom, Mistkit: Grey she-cat, Featherkit: Silver she-cat and Hollykit, (Black she-cat)


Grassfoot - ginger tom with brown feet and blue eyes


Leader – Shadestar – Grey tom Deputy – Greytuft – Black tom

Medicine cat – Pinelily – Brown and white she-cat

Apprentice: Beechpaw


Longfur – thickset tabby tom

Yellowpool – tortoiseshell she-cat

Cloudpetal - bright white she-cat

Rosefoot - brown tom with lighter brown feet

Shadepool - grey she-cat with blue eyes and a slightly brown tail


Poppyshine – White she-cat nursing Longfur’s kits: Owlkit (brown and white tomkit), and Heatherkit (beautiful cream and white she-kit)


Leader – Troutstar – grey black and white she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy – Hareleap – Brown and white she-cat

Medicine cat – Littleheart – red tom


Jaggedjaw – black tom with a badly twisted jaw

Greyclaw - grey tom

Berryshadow - Black and cream she-cat

Apprentice: Dustpaw


Larkfeather – tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes nursing Jaggedjaw’s kit:Ashkit (Grey she-cat)

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