Blizzardstar ~ beautiful, long-legged, broad-shouldered pure white she-cat with icy blue-green eyes and a scar on her left eye.

Appearances Edit

Darkening CloudsEdit

Chapter 1 ~ Blizzardstar finds it harder to control her newly-made clan since most of them are frighten by the huge storm coming. She also tried to hide the fact she is expecting her deputy, Stormblade's kits. However, her brother, Brackenshade knows about it, but promises not to tell.

Blizzardstar.Q K.SS
Status: Alive
Current: BlizzardClan
Past: RiverClan,Loner
Kit: Blizzardkit
Apprentice: Blizzardpaw
Warrior: Blizzardheart
Loner: Blizzardheart
Leader: Blizzardstar
Queen: Blizzardstar
Mate: Tornadostar
Sons: Jaykit, Brackenkit
Daughter: Avalanchekit
Mother: Morningfire
Father: Cloudstar
Brother: Brackenshade
Living: Darkening Clouds, The Storm
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Avalanchestrike

Chapter 4 ~ She was eating prey when Jasmineleaf comes and tells her that she knows her secret. Blizzardstar hesitates, but tells her the truth. Jasmineleaf tells her that she is expecting kits, too. Blizzardstar finds out that Stormblade is training in the Dark Forest and they created the storm. Blizzardstar then meets Blood, a rouge who wants to join BlizzardClan. She gently refuses, but Blood was angry and said that Blizzardstar will regret her decision.

Chapter 7 ~ Blizzardstar is now a queen and is a moon way from her kitting. She loses a warrior in the battle and is now has to fight Sandstormstar.

Chapter 10 ~ She has witnessed the death of Brackenshade and is frightened that Sandstormstar has made Tornadostar lose one of his nine lives. She uses her power to protect Tornadostar and it backfires completely when Sandstormstar attacks her.

The StormEdit

Chapter 1 ~ Coming Soon

Power Edit

Since she was born in the middle of a blizzard, she gained the power of Blizzard Control (She can control blizzards by herself.) (She can pass it when deputies become leaders). She has one of the extra powers given to herself, Hurricanestar and Tornadostar, Clairvoyance (the ability to gain information on someone or something) (she does not use it often).


  • She could have liked Tornadostar back. However, it is not proven in Darkening Clouds.
  • It is now proven that her kits belonged to Tornadostar.

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