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Birth of the Ice QueenEdit



Crystalpool lay panting heavily because she was about to give birth with her mate, Thistlefur, at the beautiful Moon Stream. Her blue eyes rolled in pain, and she let out a screech of terror. Thistlefur tried to comfort her, but it was no use. His amber eyes were foreboding. "Help Brownfeather, help!" yowled Eaglepaw, his smoky grey pelt bristling in horror. He had heard Crystalpool yowl in pain all the way from camp. The brownish-gray medicine cat awoke to see him there from her mossy nest. "What is it?" she muttered, half asleep half awake. Her brown belly rose up with gentle puffs of air. "Crystalpool is about to give birth at the Moon Stream!" snapped Eaglepaw. His blue eyes flashed. Brownfeather leaped up, grabbed some raspberry leaves and raced to the Moon Stream with Eaglepaw by her side. Cystalpool was already kitting near the silver pebbles. Gentle, silverly-blue water streamed over the round rocks. Crystalpool shrieked. A spasm rolled down her white body, and a black tom plopped into the pebbles. Thistlefur began to lick it's fur feverishly. Brownfeather encouraged Crystalpool to eat the leaves, whispering gentle words in her ears. "Here eat this, and your doing great," Brownfeather said softly. Crystalpool groaned, and kit fell out. He was a huge black-and-white tom. A long-legged light brown tabby was next. Finally, as Crystalpool yowled, a tiny, pale ginger tabby she-cat hit the pebbles. Crystalpool purred hoarsely. The pain was gone. "What will you name them?" asked Brownfeather, titling her grey-brown head. Thistlefur looked at his mate. "The first one, Shadowkit. The second, Thornkit, I think." said Thistlefur. "Jumpkit for the third one, and Sandkit for the fourth one." added Crystalpool. The tom and she-cat stood up stood up shakily, and Thistlefur carried Shadowkit. Brownfeather carried Thornkit, Eaglepaw carried Sandkit, and Crystalpool carried Jumpkit, staggering slightly under his weight. They loped through the leaf-green forest, waiting for a tiring Crystalpool. They made it to camp quickly. Moons passed, and the kits grew to be lovely creatures. Finally, it was time for them to be apprenticed. Shadowkit, Thornkit, and Jumpkit walked up in the front row to the Highrock to be apprenticed. The kits looked proud and ready. Their eyes gleamed. Then, a loud shriek came out from inside the nursery. It was Crystalpool who gave the yowl. Cats dashed in to see what was going on. They skidded to a halt in horror. Crystalpool's shimmering blue eyes rolled in pain as she yowled in pain.

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