Behind The Shadows

Author: Feathermoon and Cloudskye.
Status: Un-complete.
Allegiances: Here.
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Unnamed
Spellcheckers: None yet.
We zoom into the base of FrostClan to watch the lives of four cats go on through the harsh battles of life in the alone and secret clan.

Chapter 1 ~ SplashsongEdit

Splashsong had just fineshed eating her sparrow.

She was fresh and ready for patrol.

"Hi Echostar!" she spotted the fluffy, dark gray she cat easily against the snow. Although her white paws seemed to dissapear with the cold, fluffy ground.

"Oh, Hello Splashsong." Echostar swept her large head to the side to face her bright spirited light brown tabby deputy, and then after the two she-cats excanged nods, Echostar awkwardly padded away.

Splashsong just sat and stared, dumbfounded.

Instead of organizing a hunting patrol like she should have, she shook her head and bounded across the snowy clearing in search of her best friend Snowdawn.

Across the camp and in the small, tree and bush thicket inside the camp, Splashsong easily spotted Snowdawn's White and orange tabby pelt.

Yeah! Splashsong thought sneakily when the young deputy realized that her friend was facing the other way and probobly wouldn't realize if she has sneaken up behind her.

"Gotcha'!" Splashsong yowled and she pounced squarley on her friends fuffy white and orange tail.

"What that..!" Snowdawn whispped around, her tail knocking Splashsong to the side from under her belly.

"Oh!" Snowdawn's beautiful golden eye rounded as they met her friends dizzy looking greenish-yellow eyes.

"Sorry about that!" The light brown tabby deputy purred with amusement at her best-friends shock.

"Oh it's ok." Snowdawn sat up, beginning to groom her fluffed up fur.

"Anyway," Splashsong began to make conversation--

"Runningcloud wants me to go hunting with him later!" Snowdawn burst out.

"Uh...Oh! Wow!" Splashsong was cought off gaurd.

Everycat in FrostClan knew Splashsong and Runningcloud were former mates, and that Runningcloud was the one to give up on her.

Splashsong still loved Runningcloud.

And know her best friend was pairing off with him.

Chapter 2 ~ RunningcloudEdit

Runningcloud didn't really care that Splashsong still loved him. He just...didn't feel the same as he did when he was a young warrior. As bad as he felt for leaving her, there was nothing any cat could say or do that could change his mind.

He could still remember the sadness in Splashsong's eyes when he told her it was over...


"But, why?!" Splashsong yowled, at the top of her lungs. She was upset at the fact her mate was breaking up with her. The two had known each other since they were young apprentices. She thought they would have been perfect for each other. "What did I do?"

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