Avalanchestrike ~ small, pretty, fluffy, broad-shouldered, slender, pure white she-cat with pale brown tabby patches and brilliant, blind blue-green eyes. She has a deep scar on her left eye and a cute pink nose.

Appearances Edit

Current: WindClan
Past: Loner
Loner: Unknown
Kit: Avalanchekit
Apprentice: Avalanchepaw
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Avalanchepaw
Medicine cat: Avalanchestrike
Foster Mother: Breezefang
Foster Father: Goldenspots
Foster Silbings: Dogpaw, Blizzardkit
Brother: Braveflame
Living: Avalanchepaw's Past
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Avalanchestrike

Avalanchepaw's Past Edit

Avalanchekit is upset that she's born blind. She is often supported by her brother, Bravekit and put down by her oldest brother, Dogkit. She exits the nusery to explore camp.

Avalanchekit goes outside of the nursery where she and Bravekit meet brothers, Stormpaw and Weatherpaw. She begans to like Stormpaw for his friendly personality and Weatherpaw for his short-tempered personality. She tells Stormpaw that she's blind, which surprises him and meets her father outside of the nursery for the first time.

Six moons has passed, she gets Iceclaw as a mentor, and she hates how mean is him.


Foster Mother:

Breezefang ~ beautiful, mottled calico she-cat with green eyes. (Deceased)

Foster Father:

Goldenspots ~ golden tabby tom with lighter flecks.

Foster Siblings:

Dogpaw ~ dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. (Decreased)

Blizzardkit ~ pale gray she-kit with amber eyes. (Deceased)


Braveflame ~ handsome, fluffy pale brown and white tabby tom with brilliant blue-green eyes.

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