First EncounterEdit

As silent as a leaf falling, Wrathshadow watches for his enemies. He'd had many encounters with them before, too many to count. The gashes and scars all over him showed that. He heard a rustle ahead; a cat was approaching. He quickly ducked down to blend in with the surrounding forest at night. He saw an unfamiliar cat pass by; he had a gray fur, with a stripe down his back; this must be Graystripe of the Thunderclan.

I must be deep in Thunderclan territory then, thought Wrathshadow to himself. Now, how should I approach him...

The crack of a twig alerted Graystripe that he was not alone. His ears pricked up, and he looked around, ready for anything. "Who'se there!" shouted Graystripe. "Show yourself!"

Wrathshadow slowly, and silently, stepped out from his hiding spot. Graystripe turned to face him, sizing him up. "Who are you! Why are you here! What clan are you from!" said Graystripe. "I am Wrathshadow, I seek refuge. I come from no clan." Said Wrathshadow. "Show me to your camp."


Nobody in the entire Thunder clan knew anything of Wrathshadow, so Gray had decided to ask the Riverclan to see if they knew of anything about him. What he learned startled him.

Wrathshadow had been banished from the Shadowclan for attempting to start a rebellion against the leader. After that, he went to the windclan and joined. He was again banished, but this time he had killed Onestar, the leader. He then went to the Riverclan, and he was shortly banished due to severe acts of violence; he blinded one of the rivercats in one eye at one point. After learning this, Graystripe rushed back to camp to warn the others.

Wrath's AngerEdit

Graystripe got back to the camp as soon as he could, and immediatly told Wrathshadow to leave. He explained to everyone what Wrathshadow's history was, and how evil he was. Wrathshadow was quickly enraged, and pounced on Gray, and violently scratched at him with his claws. "I WILL KILL YOU!" Shouted Wrathshadow. The other cats quickly attacked Wrathshadow and drove him out of the campsite.

"Now i truly am a rogue... No clan will welcome me... Perhaps it is time i took action against this..." Said Wrathshadow, running into the forest, as silently and stealthily as he came.

"I will be back, and when I do, I will be your leader. And I wont be alone."

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