Leader: Stormstar ~ dark gray tom with a lighter face, chest, and underbelly

Deputy: Wingfeather ~ light gray she-cat

~Apprentice: Blossompaw~

Medicine Cat: Echoleaf ~ tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with bright green eyes

~Apprentice: Cavelight~


Thrushfeather ~ silver and white tabby tom with green eyes

~Apprentice: Softpaw~

Specklepelt ~ light brown she-cat with darker flecks

Flareheart ~ ginger tom with a flame colored pelt

Birchtail ~ light brown tabby she-cat with an unusually long tail

Thistlespike ~ gray tom with spikey fur

Chestnutclaw ~ golden tom with a white chest

Appleblossom ~ ginger she-cat with white paws

Hawksight ~ brown tabby tom with black stripes

~Apprentice: Ticklepaw~

Mapleflower ~ brown and white tabby

Darkfrost ~ black tom with icy blue eyes

Quickstep ~ ginger and white she-cat

~Apprentice: Mintpaw~

Freckleface ~ dark gray, almost black, she-cat with lighter freckles

Morningsky ~ mottled gray and white she-cat with torquoise eyes and a nooked ear

Graystorm ~ light gray she-cat with darker front paws

Keblestream ~ light gray tom with darker ear tips

Briarfoot ~ beautiful, slender, light brown she-cat with bright blue eyes


Cavelight ~ gray and white tom

Ticklepaw ~ light gray tabby tom

Softpaw ~ white she-cat

Mintpaw ~ brown tabby she-cat

Blossompaw ~ white she-cat with black front paws


Seedshine ~ silver tabby she-cat (Mother of Thrushfeather's kits: Dewkit ~ small, fluffy white she-cat, Silverkit ~ silver tabby she-cat, and Wolfkit ~ broad shouldered, long-legged, dark gray, almost black, tom with a thick-furred neck, tufted ears, unusually sharp claws, and amber eyes)


Clovernose ~ dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a white nose

Marshstep ~ mottled brown tom


Leader: Meadowstar ~ tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat

Deputy: Wolfhowl ~ black tom with flecks of white on the chest

Medicine Cat: Dawnstreak ~ speckled brown tabby she-cat


Cobblestep ~ blue-gray she-cat

Harespirit ~ lithe, dark ginger tom with white muzzle, chest, and underbelly

Squirreltail ~ dark ginger she-cat with a bushy tail

Stonewater ~ gray tom with a white paw

Fuzzywing ~ fluffy black she-cat

Dapplepelt ~ ginger and white tom

~Apprentice: Timberpaw~

Silktuft ~ fluffy silver she-cat

Juniperbelly ~ pale brown tom

Kestrelwing ~ dark tortoiseshell tom

Mistybreeze ~ pale gray she-cat

Stingclaw ~ brown and white tom

Twigsnap ~ bright tom with ginger patches

Flamejumper ~ flame-colored tabby tom

Weaslefang ~ brown tom

Icewing ~ gray and white she-cat

Woodheart ~ ginger tom


Timberpaw ~ pale brown tom


Fallensong ~ tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat (Mother of Juniperbelly's kits: Mosskit and Hollowkit)

Crescentmoon ~ silver and black tabby she-cat (Expecting Weaslefang's kits)


Leader: Brackenstar ~ brown tabby tom with lighter underbelly

Deputy: Riddlesong ~ light gray tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat: Reedsong ~ flame-colored tabby tom


Leaplegs ~ golden tabby she-cat with rippling tabby stripes

Thornfang ~ gray tom

Moonfeather ~ small gray and white she-cat

Dreamstepper ~ golden she-cat

Ravenfeather ~ black tom with white paws

Autumnleaf ~ ginger tom

~Apprentice: Cliffpaw~

Lightningfoot ~ golden tom with darker front paws

Sunshadow ~ dark golden tom

Wavefall ~ swirly gray and white tom

Rockfall ~ tortoiseshell-and-white tom with yellow eyes


Cliffpaw ~ pale gray tom


Shywillow ~ light brown she-cat (Expecting kits)


Littleshadow ~ small, dark tabby tom

Mossfire ~ brown tabby she-cat


Leader: Pinestar ~ reddish-brown tom with a torn ear

Deputy: Bushytail ~ auburn she-cat with a bushy tail

Medicine Cat: Stonesong ~ silver tabby tom with torn ears

~Apprentice: Kinkystep~


Dewleaf ~ mottled brown she-cat

Vultureclaw ~ brown tom with white ears and a twisted foot

Shadecloud ~ dark tabby tom

~Apprentice: Frogpaw~

Russetfeather ~ dark ginger she-cat

Fernpelt ~ pale ginger she-cat

~Apprentice: Vixenpaw~

Burntail ~ auburn tom with a burnt tail-tip

Sagefur ~ fluffy white she-cat

Foxchaser ~ reddish-brown tom with one white paw

Lilywhisker ~ slender, speckled gray tabby she-cat

Checkerface ~ white tom with black ear tips

Featherfluff ~ fluffy gray tabby she-cat with whitre chest, underbelly, muzzle, and paws

Snaketooth ~ black tom

Tigerstripe ~ dark tabby tom with a pale muzzle and underbelly

Grayfoot ~ white she-cat with gray paws

Dimpleclaw ~ small ginger and white she-cat

Gorgleap ~ pale gray and white she-cat

Turtlestep ~ tortoisehsell she-cat

Crawlbelly ~ light gray tom

Appleheart ~ ginger tom


Kinkystep ~ black and white she-cat

Vixenpaw ~ small reddish-brown she-cat

Frogpaw ~ white tom


Honeywhisker ~ light brown she-cat (Mother of Shadecloud's kits: Gingerkit ~ ginger she-cat, Hollykit ~ black she-cat, and Shadowkit ~ black tom)

Willowsong ~ cream she-cat (Mother of Lillykit)


Splashpelt ~ tortoiseshell tom

Crowwhisker ~ black she-cat

Dawnleap ~ light brown tabby she-cat

StarClan CatsEdit


Splashpaw ~ silver and white tabby she-cat with pale yellow eyes

Cometshine ~ pale brown and white she-cat

Cloudwhisker ~ white she-cat with pale yellow eyes

Blossomshade ~ white she-cat with blue eyes

Gingerkit ~ beautiful ginger she-cat

Whitekit ~ white tom

Tunnelheart ~ ginger and white tom

Sandstar ~ ginger she-cat


Whitefeather ~ fluffy white she-cat


Falconjump ~ dark gray she-cat


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