Angel Series

Author: Silver
Number of Books: Unknown
Series Status: In Construction
Story Spellcheckers: Avalanchestrike and Nightfern
This series revolves around Morningkit and her life as a member of the almighty SandClan and their creation. Morningkit is introduced to a prophecy that includes Morningkit becoming one of the strongest leaders in the history of the Clans.

Yet, with Morningkit knowing her destiny in life, she faces threats that could possibly change all of that. From a deadly clanmate to an attack that can mean the end of SandClan.

Will Morningkit survive until her destiny has succedeed, or will she fall with many of her clanmates in a life of devestation?

Angel Series

In Your Arms ~ Morningkit is born to Thrushfeather and Cloudwhisker along with her sister, Splashkit. Morningkit begins to dream of strange cats and a prophecy is introduced to the young, new member of SandClan. She will be the greatest leader in history. But dangers lurk about that can change that. Will Morningkit fall and lose the track her destiny is in, or will she overcome all odds?

Your Guardian ~ Morninpaw has lost many, but is not letting this take her off track from her destiny. She encounters an old friend, and the two begin to see each other everyday. But, the two aren't just seeing each other because they're friends...

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