Runningwind purred as Brindleface told him the news. She was expecting his kits! He licked his mate's pretty tabby face.

"I love you!" He purred, then he licked her stomach all over. "And I love our kits!"

"Runningwind?" Brindleface asked. "Do you want the clan to know about us?"

"What do you mean?" Runningwind's excitement died down. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Well, we're so young and you have so much potential." Brindleface continued. "I know how impatient you are with kits and apprentices..."

The two let out a mrrow of amusement. Runningwind knew he had no patience, especially for energetic kits who insisted his tail was a mouse.

"A family would just slow you down, and I want you to be able to be the best warrior you can." Brindleface licked Runningwind brown tabby ear.

"It's not like we're a forbidden couple," Runningwind explained to the mottled gray she-cat. "Why are we keeping it a secret?"

Brindleface simply purred, licking Runningwind's shoulder softly. "It'll be our unforbidden secret..."

Chapter 1Edit

Runningpaw was out training with Bluestar. He was preparing for his final assessment. He was an incredibly fast runner, and a great hunter. He scented the air. Sparrow, he recognized the scent. Then he saw the bird, pecking the ground. Getting in his hunter's crouch, he focused on his prey. With a great leap he landed on the bird and killed it.

"Great catch, Runningpaw!" Bluestar purred.

"Thanks, Bluefur!" Runningpaw meowed cheerfully. "I mean, Bluestar!" The blue-furred she-cat had just become leader a few sunrises ago.

"It's okay, Runningpaw." She laughed "Now let's take back your prey. I'm sure Goosefeather will appreciate your sparrow."

Runningpaw spotted Brindleface out of the corner of his eye. The pretty tabby was stalking a squirrel. It saw her and started to dash up a tree, but Brindleface was too fast. She caught the squirrel just before it reached the first branch.

"I'll meet you there, Bluestar." He meowed to his mentor. She nodded and took the prey back to camp.

Runningpaw walked over to Brindleface. "That was a brilliant catch, Brindleface!"

The mottled she-cat jumped in surprise. "Thanks, Runningpaw!" She purred. "I thought I would lose it!"

"You're welcome," The brown tabby meowed. He had a crush on the pretty, newly-named warrior.

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