To be done by both Littlewillow and Loudsplash


Leader: Snowstar- snowy white tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Ravenswoop- dark grey tom with black patches

Medicine Cat: Larksong- Goldish brown she-cat with one dark brown paw and olive green eyes


Copperflight- copper brown she-cat with blue eyes

Smokecloud- Grey she-cat with lighter flecks

Windtail- silvery grey tom with a white tail

Stormpelt- dark grey tabby tom

Daisystripe- light creamy she-cat with light green eyes

Nightclaw- dark grey tom with intense amber eyes

Wildclaw- Chocolate brown tom with long sharp claws with dark blue eyes


Dustpaw- Light ginger tom with green eyes (Mentor:Nightclaw)

Goosepaw- dusky brown tom with green eyes (Mentor:Smokecloud)


Frostwing- Light grey she-cat with ice-blue eyes (Mother to: Poppykit and Crookedkit)

Goldenheart- golden tabby she-cat with light amber eyes (Mother to: Windkit)


Grassfur- yellowish brown she-cat with yellow eyes


Leader: Brightstar-Ginger-and-brown she cat with sparkling amber eyes

Deputy: Honeymoon-Black and silver she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Ashleaf-Dark mottled grey tom with a green eye and a blue eye

Warriors: Tigerwhisker-Ginger tabby tom with a white muzzle, green eyes and exceedingly long whiskers

Stonemist- Dark grey tom with pale blue eyes

Shimmertail-Silver tabby she cat with a white underbelly and greeny-blue eyes

Loudstripe- Golden tom with a darker stripe down his back

Sparrowstep- Dark brown tabby tom with a missing paw and amber eyes

Apprentices: Stealthpaw- Black, grey and white tom with a scar across one eye and blue eyes

Chillpaw-Icy white she cat with strikingly blue eyes

Seedpaw-Light brown tom with leafy green eyes

Eaglepaw-Dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Queens: Greyfrost-Very pale grey she cat with a slice in her nose and grey-blue eyes.

Dawncloud- Pale golden she cat with leafy green eyes.

Elders: Cedarstep-Graying brown tom with green eyes, one of which is pale due to blindness.

Tawnyspirit-Yellowish ginger she cat with blue eyes.


Leader: Fawnstar- Ginger she-cat with white flecks on her back

Deputy: Iceclaw-White tom with sharpened claws and amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Lionmane-Golden tom who looks exactly like a lion


Graystrike-Gray tom with yellow eyes

Willowheart-Pale gray she-cat

Jaysplash-Blue tom with gray chest

Snaketooth- Dark brown tom with a jagged tooth and green eyes

Blacktail-Sandy brown tom with a black paw and tail tip

Kestrelwing-Beautiful black she-cat with light gray cloud shaped spots on her pelt


Redpaw-Red tortoiseshell tom with green eyes

Spottedpaw-Red tortoiseshell she-cat with olive green eyes, brother is Redpaw

Birdpaw-Silver she-cat with black paws and tail




Spiritwillow-Beautiful silver she-cat with dashing white paws, tail-tip, and muzzle along with dainty purple-blue eyes and darker furred silver tints in her fur

Eaglebird-Handsome cream-brown tom with bold markings on his pelt and bright amber eyes

More of eagleclan coming soon...

Loners and RoguesEdit

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