A Battle to Destroy

Author: Stoneclaw
Status: New
Series: None
Allegiances: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: None yet.
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Chapter 1Edit

Rushpaw sighed. He wished that his leader would die. His leader; Darkstar had turned StormClan into a ruin. He made kits battle, he broke the warrior code in too many ways. He had just had a training session with his cruel leader. They had to fight with unsheathed claws. Rushpaw was very sore from the training. "Rushpaw! What are you doing on TreeClan territory!" Rushpaw turned around to see that Icepaw, his denmate was the one who yelled. "Sorry, I was thinking...about Darkstar," he replied. Icepaw was Darkstar's daughter. Icepaw sighed. "I know, he is a horrible leader...he wasn't like that when he was a warrior, but still, I'm sad that he has to be so cruel...Oh, Rushpaw...I understand your sadness, or anger. He treats you badly in battle parctice, your the best fighter you know, but you're being pushed too hard. At least your mentor tries to keep you away from my father. Firestorm is an honourable mentor and warrior." The striking silver tabby licked Rushpaw's shoulder. Rushpaw fluffed up his dark tabby fur from the cold winds. He knew that he was the strongest, fastest apprentice in the clans...but being trained too much isn't good.

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